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2017 Club Coach Of The Year – Kane Dewhurst December 5, 2017 - Vida Tennis and the MCC Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club would like to congratulate Kane Dewhurst from the Vida team on winning the 2017 TCAV Club Coach of the Year. The George Gilmour Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Club Coach of the Year for successful coaching programs and pathways within their community and demonstration of loyalty to his/her club. In 2017, […]
Australian Open Kids on Court Experience 2018 December 1, 2017 - Every year during the first week of the Australian Open, Vida kids from all our venues have the opportunity to have an court playing experience. As part of the ANZ Hots Shots program, kids will play tennis on the court before the first match of the day. The kids will play for approx 20 to […]
5 Reasons to play Junior Competition November 23, 2017 - Junior Competition is the next step in your childs tennis journey once they have completed the My Vida Journey Program. How it works? Competition is played on Saturdays and Sundays and works in a ‘Home and Away’ format, this means that one week your match will be played at your Home venue and the next […]
Veneto Club says goodbye to Ash & Welcome Alex November 22, 2017 - After 5 and a half years coaching at the Veneto Club in Bulleen, Ashleigh Richardson will be moving over to the Essendon Tennis Club to take up the role as Head Coach. It is a great opportunity for Ash to help grow and develop programs at one of the largest Tennis Club’s in the Essendon […]
Farewell Ryan and Welcome Ashleigh to Essendon TC November 20, 2017 - Vida Tennis would like to wish Ryan Palfrey and his family all the best as he makes his transition into a new career outside tennis towards the end of 2017. Ryan has been a valued member of the Vida team since 2012 when he moved to Melbourne from Darwin. In 2013 he became the Head […]
5 Reasons why your child should play Junior Competition November 13, 2017 - Junior Competition is the next step in your child’s tennis journey once they have completed or are near completing the My Vida Journey Program. So why should you get involved in Junior Competition and how does it work? How does it work? Competition is played on Saturdays and Sundays and works in a ‘Home and […]
Watchem – Stay Connected November 13, 2017 - At Vida, supporting child safety and our own Vida community is important to us. See below a great watch option to give you peace of mind your child is safe with this great watch with phone & text and GPS tracker. Stay connected with your child and always know where your kids are and that they […]
Tennis Pathways – Tournaments October 25, 2017 - Entering a tennis tournament in Australia can be a little confusion for non-tennis families. The information below is a guide to help you navigate the Tennis Pathways of tournament play. Tournaments are divided into several different categories of events: ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments Junior Development Series tournaments Junior Tournament ITF junior and National Junior Championships […]
Tennis Pathways. What life opportunity awaits you? October 17, 2017 - Often the pathways in tennis are not clear from the beginning but making sure the environment is giving “the knowledge to nurture” for your child, anything is possible. The Tennis Australia Hot Shots program has a pathway for taking beginners (age from 3 years old) to competition level tennis. The levels, linked with the colour […]
More Ladies Programs added at Vida Tennis Altona October 11, 2017 - Vida Tennis is now offering more coaching sessions for female adult players at Altona Tennis Club. If you are keen to get back into tennis or step your game up then why not take some lessons. See below the time options; Ladies Tennis Lessons Monday 6.00-7.00pm Tuesday 11.00am-12noon Tuesday 6.00-7.00pm Thursday 10.00-11.00am – senior comp […]
Resist, survive and advance! Some great results from our players. October 11, 2017 - by Ignacio Cresini – Head Coach MCC Glen Iris Valley TC Planning tournaments and the preparation weeks leading into this time of the cycle has been a big objective for us; to ensure that the growing experiences of winning & losing and the desire for the improvements on rankings are balanced. It is important to […]
My Vida Journey – Updates to the program October 6, 2017 - The My Vida journey program has been enabling all kids to monitor their progress from when they start tennis through to playing real tennis, club junior competition or entry level tournaments. Since the programs start more than a decade ago, we have seen over 5000 certificates of achievement go out to kids of all levels. Vida […]
Tennis with Sporting Schools September 26, 2017 - Tennis Australia aims to provide more opportunities for people to play tennis more often. Tennis is proud to be associated as one of 32 sports with Sporting Schools and we look forward to building on the already existing relationships which have been established with schools through our National Schools Programs. The Sporting School tennis programs […]
Simple off-court mental skills training September 23, 2017 - Off-court mental skills training is essential and must be integrated into the player training.  It should be viewed in much the same light as fitness training, tactical or video analysis. The mental skills such as concentration, emotional control or confidence, can also be improved with specific off-court training. Here are some practical off-court mental skills activities that […]
Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day 2017 September 21, 2017 - Over 80 kids participated in the 3rd Annual Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day at Altona Tennis Club on Sunday. It was a wonderful opportunity for kids in Orange and Green Ball levels to play doubles with their friends in a social environment. Each club was given a team colour and the kids represented their colours proudly, […]
New 5 weeks Ladies Program in Epping September 8, 2017 - Vida Tennis Epping would like to invite Ladies to join our 5-week ladies program starting on Wednesday, October 25th. The program is a great way for ladies to get back into tennis or start for the first time. Sessions will run from 9.30am to 10.30am each Wednesday and we will finish with a coffee in […]
Can a lack of sleep cause kids to have a great chance of sports injury? August 28, 2017 - Adolescent athletes who slept eight or more hours each night were 68 percent less likely to be injured than athletes who regularly slept less, according to an abstract presented Oct. 21, at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans. For the abstract, “Lack of Sleep is Associated with Increased […]
Tennis fitness, movement, warm-up & match preperation session August 16, 2017 - Want to develop your game and prepare for the upcoming tournament series in the school holidays? The physical demands on professional players have never been so great and creating habits for junior players is very important in developing a holistic game. This two-hour session will be taken by Matthew Coridas, an expert in the field from […]
Vida Tennis Hot Shots Club Challenge Day August 15, 2017 - The third Vida Tennis Hot Shots Club Challenge will be a great opportunity for orange & green ball hot shots kids at five of our venues to play some friendly (sometimes competitive) matches against each other. If you are a current Vida player at one of the below venues, join your clubs team on Sunday September 17th, for […]
Advantage Girls Hotshots Tennis August 2, 2017 - Vida Tennis will be providing an opportunity for all girls between the ages of 5-11 to join a 5 week Hotshots Program developed specifically for girls. The Advantage Girls Hotshots Tennis Program is about creating and encouraging positive behaviours for young girls while learning tennis. This Program is endorsed by Tennis Australia, supporting girls in […]
4 Things Tennis Parents Should Know about Hot Shots Tennis July 28, 2017 - For many parents, the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program didn’t exist when they were young. Learning tennis as a child today is very different, so here is some info to help answer the most common questions that new tennis parents have… This was prepared by Tennis Australia in a recent article on their website. 1. […]
Competition Time! Guess the number of tennis balls in the basket July 25, 2017 - Vida Tennis is running another Facebook competition! All you have to do is guess the number of tennis balls in the coaching basket pictured below. All entries must be lodged in the comment section of the Competition Post on the Vida Tennis Page (Click Here). You can only have one guess per person, so your […]
There’s always something to be done – Match Analysis ATP Tour June 29, 2017 - by Ignacio Crescini Hi everyone, the term is almost over and the tournaments are coming. The third Grand Slam of the year is here with the qualifying for Wimbledon started, and we can always learn from the best players. Learning is not only how to hit a bigger stroke but mostly how to solve problems, […]
Tennis Lessons – What to expect? June 21, 2017 - You’ve decided that you or your child wants to try tennis for the first time. So what do you expect? What do I wear and what do I need to bring? Running shoes School sports uniform or sports clothing If you have a racquet bring it in, if not we will supply one for you […]
How many tennis lessons per week should I have? June 7, 2017 - There are plenty of options and types of tennis lessons when you join a club, this can make it difficult to try and decide what type of lesson and how many tennis lessons you or your child should do when they start tennis. So, how many tennis lessons should you have? The answer depends on […]
Mental Training for Tennis Session – June 18th May 31, 2017 - Would you like to prepare for the upcoming tournaments in the July holidays?  Shift from training to competition and develop your mental skills with Damien from Vida Mind. See below all the details. To join the session please contact Ignacio – ignacio@vidatennis.com.au or 0449 656 058 . Vida Mind provides customised mental training and mental training […]
Pro Shop Specials May 2017 May 24, 2017 - Vida Tennis have a number of Pro Shop specials on offer. There are limited numbers and sizes of each, so it will be first in best dressed on each of the below. To order any of the products listed please email info@vidatennis.com.au or give Kane a call on 0401052636. There are many other products available […]
Veneto Tennis Club Memberships and Competitions May 23, 2017 - It is with great excitement that Vida Tennis Bulleen’s team announce some wonderful changes at the Veneto Tennis Club. We have worked hard at the Veneto Club on the court upgrades and future plans, and we are now affiliated with Tennis Australia which opens up some new opportunities for our players. Those opportunities begin with […]
Jaimee Fourlis into the French Open 2017 May 23, 2017 - Jaimee Fourlis will contest her second straight Grand Slam event after winning a wildcard into the main draw at Roland Garros. Jaimee, still aged 17, produced a commanding performance to beat Isabelle Wallace in the final of the French Open Women’s Wildcard Play-off on Sunday in Paris. Jaimee, who won the AO Wildcard Play-off in […]
Vida Mind – Changing Your Posture Can Make a Difference May 9, 2017 - At the university of California San Francisco, researchers studied people with mild to moderate depression and noted that they assumed a particular posture. They kept their heads down. They slumped their shoulders. Their breathing was high and shallow. Their facial expression was somewhat contorted, and they looked distressed and disappointed. By contrast, people who were […]
Vida Altona – Find A Practice Partner May 2, 2017 - Vida Tennis Altona would like to invite players at the Altona Tennis Club to connect and find other players of similar standard to practice with. Simply fill in the below form and you will be placed on the list to connect with other players. Once you fill in the form you will be sent a […]
Tennis Lessons Mount Waverly April 25, 2017 - Looking for Tennis Lessons in Mount Waverly? At Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris are: Vida Tennis […]
Tennis Lessons Essendon April 25, 2017 - Looking for Tennis Lessons in Essendon? At Vida Tennis Essendon we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis Essendon are: Vida Tennis Head Start Program – […]
Tennis Lessons Epping April 25, 2017 - Looking for Tennis Lessons in Epping? At Vida Tennis Epping we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis Epping are: Vida Tennis Head Start Program – […]
Tennis Lessons Altona April 25, 2017 - Looking for Tennis Lessons in Altona? At Vida Tennis Altona we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis Altona are: Vida Tennis Head Start Program – This […]
Tennis Lessons Bulleen April 25, 2017 -   Looking for Tennis Lessons in Bulleen? At Vida Tennis Bulleen we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis Bulleen are: Vida Tennis Head Start Program […]
Dynamic & Static Stretching for the Tennis Warm-Up – Mobility April 20, 2017 - As discussed in previous blogs, mobility has never been more important in the modern game. Below is an article by Matt Kuzdub (http://www.mattspoint.com/) which was part of his 3 blog series on mobility and flexibility for tennis. Let us know your thoughts…. BOTH DYNAMIC AND STATIC STRETCHING PLAY A BIG ROLE DURING THE TENNIS WARM-UP This […]
Top 5 things parents need to be aware of so they can best support their children in sport March 30, 2017 - After coaching tennis to all levels of players for the past 14 plus years (from the 5 year old beginner, to national junior champions, to the ATP/WTA tour level player) I have seen one of the key constants in the development, the happiness and the experience of the player, is the role of the parent. […]
Why coaches should go to tournaments March 27, 2017 - by Ignacio Cresini In my years as a touring coach in Asia and supervising tournaments in Argentina, I learned a very ugly lesson: kids with coaches at tournaments have definite short and long term advantages! This is also the case at the pro tour level and is highlights to be more unfair as top players […]
Vida MCC Glen Iris Hot Shots Tournament – March 2017 March 22, 2017 - Our first Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris Hot Shots Pre-Comp tournament for the year was held on Sunday the 19th of March. There were 34 kids who participated in the afternoon, all of which have progressed to the hot shots competition stage of their development. Hot Shots tournaments link with the My Vida Journey program for all […]
Building Co-ordination for improved kids tennis skills March 22, 2017 - Dual tasking activities where kids perform multiple tasks at one time are an awesome way to build high-level coordination. It also helps to keep things fun & challenging and to train their powers of concentration. Developing motor skills from a young age and continually challenging the child keeps them stimulated and fast tracks their improvement. […]
Intensity From the Baseline 101 March 8, 2017 - by Ignacio Crescini – Head Coach at Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris Once, the legend of NCAA basketball, John Wooden, said to his players on a training practice: “In the next match, while we shake hands and wish good luck, I will give the opponent coach my playbook with all of our tactics”. The players […]
Competition Time! That’s an odd place to see a Vida Tennis Ball February 24, 2017 - Ever seen a Vida Tennis Ball away from a Vida Venue? Vida Tennis is giving you the chance to win some great prizes if you can take a photo of a Vida Tennis Ball in a strange location! Now, over time we have been sent photo’s of Vida Tennis balls at lots of different tennis […]
Ignacio Crescini Joins the Vida Team January 28, 2017 - Vida Tennis would like to welcome Ignacio Crescini to the coaching team. He will bring a wealth of coaching experience from his many years coaching overseas and in Australia. Ignacio will be based at the MCC Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club Mt Waverley and run squad sessions, private lessons, our Tech Rep program and more. […]
Vida Swan Hill Tournament Camp January 18, 2017 - The Vida Tennis Swan Hill Tournament camp will travel to Swan Hill for the 2017 Restaurants of Swan Hill AMT & JT. All players involved will learn what it’s like to travel to a tournament with a team; working together and supporting each other while, training, and playing matches. This will be a great learning […]
Vida Hotshots Kids Australian Open Experience 2017 January 18, 2017 - Vida Hotshots kids from MCC Glen Iris, the Veneto Club and Essendon had an amazing experience on day 2 of the Australian Open. Kids from all venues came in together and received their Hotshots t-shirts and hats before sitting by the court they were about to play on to watch some top ranked players practice. Afterward, […]
How to Warm Up for your match when there is No Tennis Court? January 14, 2017 - Often junior tennis players arrive at a tournament and there are no practice courts to warm up on. Even if you have been able to get on court at another venue the player will still need to do another physical warm up before they go on the court. The aim of a warm up is […]
Vida Tennis 2017 Australian Open Kids on Court November 21, 2016 - During the first week of the Australian Open, Vida kids from all our venues have the opportunity to have an court playing experience. As part of the ANZ Hots Shots program, kids will play tennis on the court before the first match of the day. The kids will play for approx 20 to 30 minutes […]
MCC Glen Iris Hot Shots Tournament – Nov 2016 November 21, 2016 - Our last Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris Hot Shots Pre Comp tournament for the year was held on Sunday the 20th of November. There were 30 kids who participated in the afternoon, all of which have progressed to the hot shots competition stage of their development. Hot Shots tournaments link with the My Vida Journey […]
5 Common Tennis Injuries and 4 ways to prevent them November 16, 2016 - While not as high-impact as some other sports, tennis still comes with injury risks. Due to the fact tennis is a repetition sport, and often one side dominant, injuries are common at all levels of tennis. Below is an article written by Dr Michael Gleiber from the Concierge Spine Surgery which highlights some of the […]
4 Approaches For Parents to Improve Performance Consistency of Your Child Playing Tennis November 11, 2016 - A lot of parents want to know what it will take for their children to succeed in tennis. The answer is simple: It’ll take everything they have. Only a few people are lucky enough to make a career out of tennis because so much has to go right to get there, and much of it is […]
Ladies – Get into Tennis at the Altona Tennis Club October 20, 2016 - Vida Tennis at Altona Tennis Club invite all Ladies to a free introductory tennis lesson. There is a range of different sessions to suit all people. Please select from the list below: Monday 7.15-8.30pm – Senior Comp Squad – suitable for competition standard players Tuesday 11.00am-12noon – Ladies Coaching Lesson – particularly for beginners and […]
Ladies – 5 Reasons you should get back into tennis October 19, 2016 - Ladies if you’re looking for a new hobby, adding some fitness to your week or wanting to challenge yourself with learning a new skill; then tennis is the sport to try. Here are 6 reasons why you should get back into tennis- Social – Tennis is a great way to meet new people and make […]
How to select the right size Kids Tennis Racquet for your child October 3, 2016 - Over the past years, there has been a growing awareness in making tennis a sport that is more kid friendly. Before this time, kids were taught on the same size courts, with the same size tennis balls as adults and less attention was paid towards the appropriate size for kids tennis racquets. Enter ANZ Hot […]
Family Open Day in Bulleen October 2, 2016 - Interested in trying Tennis?? Come and try tennis for FREE at the Vida Tennis Bulleen Family Day   For more information contact Ashleigh 0422 240 269 or ashleigh@vidatennis.com.au
Which group or squad is the most suitable group for my child? September 28, 2016 - Vida Tennis strives towards giving your child the greatest learning experience and environment while learning tennis. So when structuring our group and squad sessions we focus on a few points Age – Keeping the kids in groups that are of the same age helps with the social side of tennis. Meeting other kids who are […]
Hot Shots Tournament at MCC Glen Iris – Sept 2016 September 13, 2016 - It was a fantastic afternoon on Sunday the 11th at MCC Glen Iris Valley for the Vida Tennis Hot Shots Tournament and Pre-comp day. What is that? Hot Shots tournaments are a great way for kids to start their tournament and competition pathway in a fun relaxed environment. All matches are round robin and have […]
5 Ways to support girls in tennis for longer September 1, 2016 - How can we, coaches, parents and peers create a pathway for girls to WANT to stay in tennis for life? And more importantly, how can we ensure that the pathway is a positive learning journey? Here are 5 key areas we need to look at and develop; Develop the “Love of tennis” Girls start playing […]
Tennis Ball Machine at Altona Tennis Club August 18, 2016 - A tennis ball machine is now available for hire at the Altona Tennis Club. This is a great way to increase your practice time without a hitting partner. You can also focus on repetition hitting to work on a technique, fitness or just enjoy hitting some balls. Please feel free to contact Mark from Vida […]
Hot Shots Leagues at Vida Tennis Epping August 11, 2016 - Our internal Hot Shots League is underway at the Casa D’Abruzzo Tennis Club Epping. The leagues are aimed for students at the “40” level and above in the My Vida Journey pathway. This program will help to fast track students to be ready for the NEJTA competition played on a Saturday morning. The program links in […]
The Percentages That Separate Djokovic And The Top 10 August 3, 2016 - Craig O’Shannessy, the lead analysis for the ATP, wrote a great article which highlights the percentages that separate Djokovic and the other top 10 players. Here it is below; Beyond The Numbers explains how the top players win almost all of their matches but lose almost half their points. Global dominance at the elite level of […]
MCC and Glen Iris Valley Tennis Clubs merge July 17, 2016 - Vida Tennis has been operating coaching lessons and various other tennis activities from the Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club for more than 10 years. Over the past year, the Glen Iris Valley T.C. has been in discussions with the MCC Tennis Section to merge the two tennis clubs. In some exciting news, we can now […]
Tennis Technique App July 13, 2016 - The Tennis Australia Technique App is a must have on every coach at Vida Tennis’s phone or iPad. So why do we use it and how it helps the kids? The app allows the coach to record the player’s shot in HD and then instantly analyze that shot during the lesson. Having the options to […]
Can you pick these past Wimbledon Champions? June 29, 2016 - With the Wimbledon finals coming up can you name these past Wimbledon Champions?
Andrew continues to climb the ATP rankings June 1, 2016 - Andrew Whittington has continued his climb up the ATP rankings in 2016 with his recent win in the 2016 King’s Guam Futures. He won a tight final against the No. 2 seed Shuichi Sekiguchi, of Japan, 7/6 7/6. You can check out the highlights below. In addition to the singles victory, Whittington claimed the championship […]
NEJTA Junior Competition – Vida Tennis Epping May 23, 2016 - The NEJTA Junior Competition provides a great platform for kids who are ready for comp so they can implement what they learn on the coaching court into a competitive environment. The NEJTA run’s on a weekly basis every Saturday morning and is split into two seasons per year, Spring and Autumn. Casa D’Abruzzo Tennis Club […]
At what age can my child start tennis lessons? May 13, 2016 - This is a questions that we coaches get asked a lot! At what age can my child start tennis lessons? Your child can start tennis from as young as 3 years old in lessons aimed at fast tracking Motor Skill Development. The aim for kids starting tennis lessons at this young age is to develop […]
Advantage Girls Tournament Camp 2016 May 5, 2016 - The Vida Tennis advantage GIRLS camp will this year travel to Bendigo for the Bendigo Junior Open and Association Championships (AMT & JT events). All girls involved will learn what its like to travel to a tournament with a team; working together and supporting each other while, training and playing matches. This will be a great […]
A guide to help you select your tennis coach May 3, 2016 - The 7 things you need to know before you select your tennis coach, so you don’t waste your time and money! 1. Qualifications and Recommendations (Word of Mouth) One of the first things as a coach, is to go through the Tennis Australia Coaching accreditation process and become qualified, insured and screened. There are also […]
Vida Tennis offers 10,000 FREE intro tennis lessons to children April 7, 2016 - The LTA, the governing body of tennis in Great Britain, are keen to capitalize on Great Britain’s historic Davis Cup win last year and build a lasting legacy on the success. They are offering 10,000 FREE lessons to children as part of grass roots initiative. So we here at Vida Tennis thought, lets do the same! […]
Junior Tournament Tour of France – July 2016 March 7, 2016 - Juniors Tennis Tournament Circuit – France, July 2016 Vida Tennis would like to invite any player interested in a trip of a lifetime to France to play tennis tournament, experience the culture and have an amazing experience to check out the following information. On top of playing the largest number of official matches in the shortest period of […]
The three most important questions when you select your child’s tennis coach? March 1, 2016 - How do you make your decision? As a parent, selecting a tennis coach for your child can be a very difficult task. If you are not a professional coach yourself and don’t have ties in the tennis community, then where do you start. If I take my car to a mechanic, he can tell me […]
Jaimee Fourlis Captures first Pro Title February 15, 2016 - Jaimee Fourlis won her first professional title at the weekend, becoming the first Australian 16-year-old to do so on the Pro Tour since Ash Barty in 2012. It was a great week having to win three matches in qualification and then five main draw matches. Jaimee started training with Vida Tennis at age 6 and […]
Australian Open Ballkids 2017 January 25, 2016 - Do you want to be a ballkid at the 2017 Australian Open? Learn whats required and develop your skills to help you get through the selection process. We will be running a 3 week training program before the first Ballkids Trial on the 20th of March. What does a ballkid do? Ballkids play an integral […]
Novak Djokovic to represent Swan Hill January 17, 2016 - Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic will represent Swan Hill at the Australian Open this week after a grassroots campaign catapulted the rural city to the top of a national leader board. Swan Hill hosted a number of Free Tennis Day, an initiative by Tennis Australia, and engaged more people into tennis than any other club […]
Vida Hot Shots Club Challenge 2016 January 12, 2016 - The second Vida Tennis Hot Shots Club Challenge will be a great opportunity for orange & green ball hot shots kids at five of our venues to play some friendly matches against each other. If you are a current Vida player at one of the below venues, join your clubs team on Saturday March 19th, […]
Serena Williams taking a serving lessons with Vida Tennis kids January 12, 2016 -   Serena Williams, arguably the greatest female player ever, gave 6 lucky Vida Tennis players for a serving master class session on Monday the 11th of Jan. On a specially set up half court in the Woolworth’s Ashwood car park, Serena gave her feedback on what makes a great serve and some tips for each […]
Roger Federer’s workout routine January 12, 2016 - The physical demands on a professional tennis player have never been so great. So how does Roger Federer continue to show up at tournament after tournaments ready both physically and mentally. The following article highlights some of the behind the scenes work the champion tennis player does to give him the best chance for success. […]
Vida Kids on Court at the 2016 Australian Open December 2, 2015 - During the first week of the Australian Open, Vida kids from all our venues have the opportunity to have an court playing experience. As part of the ANZ Hots Shots program, kids will play tennis on the court before the first match of the day. The kids will play for approx 20 to 30 minutes […]
Djokovic’s Backhand November 14, 2015 - Novak Djokovic, the current number 1 player in the world has plenty of weapons which enable him to be the dominant player he is today. Novaks’ athleticism around the court is phenomenal and he seems to get to every ball. He has tremendous flexibility and leg strength which coincide with his court coverage. None of […]
What level certificate are you on? November 7, 2015 - “What certificate level are you on?” You might of heard this said in your childs junior lesson. The “My Vida Journey” certificate program is constantly being followed throughout the term as part of the junior development program at Vida Tennis. If you are new to the program, your child should be receiving a fresh new […]
The 2016 Vida Tennis Australian Open Camp October 22, 2015 - The 2016 Vida Tennis Australian Open Camp will be held at the Glen Iris Tennis Club over three days and will be jam packed full of a variety of activities, on and off the court. Much of your junior tennis training is only based on the tennis court. This camp gives you the opportunity to […]
Vida Ladies Tennis Day at Melbourne Park October 14, 2015 - The annual Vida ladies tennis day will once again be held at Melbourne Park, the home of the Australian Open. Ladies from the various Vida venues will come together for a day of on and off court fun. This years event will see two section available for ladies with prizes awarded at the end of […]
Who will represent Swan Hill at the 2016 Australian Open? Rafa, Fed, Serena? September 2, 2015 - We need the towns help! We need your help to have Roger Federer, Serena William, Novak Djokovic or Maria Sharapova represent Swan Hill at the 2016 Australian Open! Simply register and earn points for Swan Hill to score a main draw player. Obviously the more points we score the higher seed we can select. There […]
Follow Your Dreams August 24, 2015 - “Creating life opportunities for each individual through the sport of tennis” “When I first meet Zachary Grabovic at St. Kevin’s College year 7 orientation day, I would never have thought he would have achieved the amazing life opportunity you are about to read a little about. Through hard work, attitude and resilience, Zach has been […]
How to tell if your child is progressing? August 5, 2015 - Whether you stay and watch your childs lessons, or drop them off and go do something else, I think it is important to know if your child is progressing, not only as a player but also as a person.  Below is 5 ways you can tell if your child is developing both as a player […]
Vida Charity Day July 31, 2015 - “Supporting sick kids who have had a tough start to life towards a brighter future!” Vida would like to invite you and your family to our annual Charity Day to support a great cause, The Austin and The Mercy Hospital’s in Heidelberg. For the second year, Vida will be hosting an amazing day filled with […]
Advantage Girls – Girls Only Tennis Camp July 22, 2015 - The Vida Tennis Advantage GIRLS camp is designed to empower and develop girls in tennis and everyday life. Girls can come together and have a training environment dedicated to their needs. Players will train with like minded people and be guided by a team who understand female development both on and off the tennis court. […]
Michael Shepheard – Hard Work Pays Off! July 21, 2015 - Ryan Palfrey from Vida Essendon has been coaching Michael Shepheard over the last few years.  Michael has recently come back from the National Championships with exceptional results.  Only a year ago Michael was struggling with his results and motivation.  However, after setting goals and working hard, he is starting to benefit from his new mind […]
Glen Iris Hot Shots Pre Comp July 19, 2015 - Vida Tennis would like to invite Hot Shots players and players wanting to start junior competition to our Hot Shots Pre Comp Day. There will be three different section of match play; Green Ball – players almost ready to play Junior Competition on weekends. This section will use green balls on a full size court Orange […]
Bendigo Training Day July 6, 2015 - Would you like to develop your game on & off the tennis court? Vida Tennis will be running a one day training camp in Bendigo featuring a range of on & off court themes to help develop your game. Some of the themes covered on the day will be; Mental Skills for Tennis – Confidence & […]
Roger’s Workout July 6, 2015 - As Wimbledon enters its second week, the physical demands of the players will start to really take affect.  Usually, the players who are he fittest, both physically and mentally will be the ones who progress deep into the draw.  So how do some of the best players prepare for such an intense two weeks of […]
Wimbledon’s Top 12 players June 28, 2015 - In the lead up to Wimbledon I read this great article (below by Brian Mazique on the bleacherreport.com) about the best Grass Court players in history, men and women. It got me thinking, what makes a great grass court player. If you look at the list of players, you would say they almost all have […]
Jaimee Fourlis continues her rise! June 26, 2015 - Jaimee Fourlis has continued her great start to 2015 with her recent win in the ITF event in Poland. The grade 3 ITF Bytom Cup was an outdoor clay court events and saw Jaimee defeat the CZE player Slovakova 4-6 6-4 6-3 in the final. It was a great way to finish the week after […]
Vida – Joma Introductory Special. June 25, 2015 - It’s finally time to offer all our Vida community the chance to be part of the Vida-Joma Team and wear some great apparel at an introductory rate!   If you missed our last blog regarding the new partnership with Joma, you can click here, or visit the blog link at the end of this email. […]
Behind Stan’s Rise June 18, 2015 - A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Damien Lafont from Vida Mind wrote an amazing article about Stan Wawrinka’s mental conditioning.  It was an amazing success on social media gaining over 130 likes and even more impressively, over 150 shares! Just in case you missed it, here it is. Behind Stan’s rise – Mental Conditioning While […]
Vida Welcomes Joma June 12, 2015 - Vida Tennis is proud to announce that “Joma Sport” is now the official apparel provider for us. Joma is a high quality international sporting brand that offers a huge range of apparel, shoes and accessories over a variety of sports, including a dedicated tennis line. Vida, the spanish word for life, and Joma share a […]
Casa D’Abruzzo Open Day June 2, 2015 - Want to come and try tennis at the NEW Vida Tennis Epping at Casa D’Abruzzo?  If you answered yes, then come down to the brand new tennis facility located in Epping for the first Casa D’Abruzzo Open Day.  There will be a chance to meet sporting celebrities, free intro tennis lessons, 50% tennis memberships, meet […]
Welcome Sean Hosemans. Head Coach Vida Tennis Epping May 31, 2015 - Vida Tennis Epping would like to introduce our Head Coach at the Casa D’Abruzzo Tennis Club Epping, Sean Hosemans. Sean, a local to the Epping area, is a dedicated and passionate tennis coach who prides himself on developing relationships to get the est out of each individual player. Sean has been involved in coaching in […]
Vida kids have an amazing Australian Open Experience May 14, 2015 - During the first week of the Australian Open, Vida kids from the Altona Tennis Club and Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club got have an on court playing experience. As part of the ANZ Hots Shots program, kids had the opportunity to play tennis on the court before the first match of the day. The Altona […]

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