Tennis training without a tennis ball. What do the pro’s do?

The increase on speed in the modern game has placed extra importance on the physical side of the game. Djokovic, Federer, Murray and Nadal have taken the men’s game to new levels in recent times, particular in the area of court speed and movement.

Effective and efficient movement patterns, combined with a balance, flexible, strong and mobile body is essential. So lets have a look at a couple of examples of what the pro’s do without the tennis ball.

Andy Murray, key things to look at;

  • Concentration on movement patterns both out to the ball and in recovery
  • Wide base at all times, using cross over movements
  • The use of resistance bands
  • Return of serve movement patterns a focus (forward into split step, outside leg moving first to the ball)
  • Quick reaction movement after the landing position on the serve
  • Forward movement into the volley – staying low, using the balancing split step and having a recovery focus

With the importance of the serve and return, much of the focus is given to the shots directly after these two keys.

Grigor Dimitrov, key things to look at;

  • Low center of gravity
  • Cross training options
  • Work rate

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