0-4 shots from a different perspective

The 0-4 rally shot count has been spoken about frequently over the past few years by many great coaches. The stat is 0-4 shots happen 70% of the time, 5-8 shots 20%, and 9+ 10%; so 7 out of 10 points ends with each player hitting the ball a maximum of twice each.

However, it is not all about the 0-4 shot rally count; other factors are important also. Tennis goes beyond what numbers measure and here we explore what else we need in our tennis. To watch some amazing tennis rallies beyond 0-4 shots click here.

30-35% Of Total Points Do Matter

When talking about the ratio between short rallies (0-4 shots 65-70%) and long rallies (5+ 30-35%), the margins between winning and losing a tennis match can be small. 

Winning a match 6-3 3-6 6-4 means you’ve won 51.6% of total points for the match – indicating a difference of 3.2%. On average this score line will have 190 total points – 3.2% is 6 points – this implies if you win an extra 3 points it’s a level playing field. 

It’s common that in “pressure points” (30-30, 30-40, Deuce, Advantage etc) the rally goes longer than the average amount of shots which is 3; showing the significance of winning these long rallies.

The Best Players Are Successful In All Rally Shot Counts

The big 3 (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) can be seen as a class above – not only with their shot making but their ability to win across all 3 rally lengths (0-4, 5-8, 9+). Their win percentage is very evenly spread across all 3 rally lengths, showing their mark on the game being over all very dangerous players.

This is supporting the argument that the shot that wins them the short rally, is the same shot that will win them the medium and long rally.

Power Of Basics

Similar to the argument above; the shot that will make a difference in the middle of the rally or at the end of the rally is the same shot that will give you advantage in the first shot after the serve.

Building a good foundation with your young players with technique, tactics, mentality and physicality will ensure good shot making now and when they get older.

Tennis Goes Far Beyond Numbers

Being really good at winning long rallies may force your opponent to be aggressive earlier in the rally – leading to unforced errors potentially in the 0-4 categorie. In turn this gets marked as a 0-4 shot count.

The crucial things happening on the tennis court are usually hard to measure. The player feeling what they need to do at that point of time in the match is not something that can be measured with numbers.

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