24 Hour Tennis Marathon Completed!

24 Hour Tennis Marathon Completed!

Over the weekend of the 4-5th of October, Essendon Tennis Club hosted a 24 Hour Tennis Marathon. The goal was to raise money for the charity Hands Across the Water with the challenge being; to keep one tennis court operating for a 24 hour period.

T-Minus 5 hours before we start….

It started early for a team of wonderful volunteered who came in and decorated and set up the venue and courts for the 24 Hour Tennis Marathon. Thanks to everyone who came and helped in the preparation for the event.

Hour 1-3 Let’s get the party started

The 24 Hour Tennis Marathon kicked off at 4pm on Friday. We set the countdown timer on the big screen projector and for the first few hours we had families, coaches and kids enjoying the freedom on the 10 courts. Using the serving radar, hit the target activation, table tennis table and of course playing on the jumping castle. It was a tough evening with some unfavorable weather but that didn’t dampen the spirits. To keep the kids going through the late hours we had some Pizzas for dinner too.

Hour 4-6 Trivia Night Fun

The trivia night was a hit with 7 tables taking part in the interactive video questions. Which also included games like hit the serve target, coin toss, a Silent Auction and a raffle to finish.

Hour 7-15 Graveyard Shift

Following on from Trivia Night we had the graveyard shift! A few brave members of the committee stuck around through the first part of the night. We also had some brave soldiers who did an amazing job to keep one eye open and one court running at all times. While we kept one court running some of the kids rested and watched Harry Potter on the Projector screen inside.

Hour 16-20 Reinforcements

As the sun rose over the courts as did the reinforcements, giving our night owls a much needed rest. It was a beautiful morning to be out on the courts, with fresh faces came a sense of anticipation as we were closing in the finish line.

Hour 20-22 Hours of Power

The countdown was on! And what better way than kicking it off with the hour of power, with over 30 people joining us for Cardio Tennis from 12pm-1pm followed by a Red Ball Mini Tennis Doubles Competition. Congratulations to Michael and Natasha for winning the tournament.

Hour 23-24 Final Countdown

For the final 2 hours of our marathon we had all 10 courts running, with kids doing crafts on the Krafty Kat Crafts Table, Face painting, Chris Fischer’s beautiful singing, a BBQ for lunch and a final raffle. A huge effort from everyone involved.

At 4pm we did our final count and raised a huge $6,303.35 over the 24 hours and finished our final rally. This wouldn’t have been possible without every single person who came and played on the courts during the 24 Hours!

Check out our 24 Hour Tennis Marathon in 2 minute video….

There is still time to donate if you weren’t available to come to our event – to do so please click here…

To read more about Hands Across the water or to donate please click here

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