5 Ways to support girls in tennis for longer

How can we, coaches, parents and peers create a pathway for girls to WANT to stay in tennis for life? And more importantly, how can we ensure that the pathway is a positive learning journey?

Here are 5 key areas we need to look at and develop;

  • Develop the “Love of tennis”
    Girls start playing tennis because they love and enjoy the game. Whether it be socially or competitively; keeping that love, passion and self motivation for tennis is a key to them continuing to WANT to play.
  • Creating a positive team
    Build a strong team of encouraging and empowering people. This influences girls enjoyment, ability and gives them confidence in themselves in all situations. This can involve people from all different expertises; tennis coaches, fitness trainers, health and nutrition coaches, personal development coaches and/or anyone who they look up to that they can trust as a mentor.
  • Enable learning beyond tennis skills
    Tennis, and sport in general, teach life skills such as persistence, teamwork, goal setting, leadership, and character development. These traits also transfer from tennis court to academics, family life, and the work setting. Girls are always trying to improve themselves and ensuring that they can be learning other skills through tennis is essential
  • Environmental support
    When a girl is in an environment and culture that is inviting, friendly and makes them feel comfortable they will always want to come back. This is key to keeping girls wanting to continue training or playing competition.
  • Relationships –
    Girls want to train with like minded people and be guided by a team who understand female development both on and off the tennis court. Having those relationships with your peers, team members and coaches keeps the enjoyment factor in tennis.


At Vida we strive to give girls a great positive life and tennis experience, delivered by a team who understand their needs.


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Ashleigh Richardson
Head Coach Vida Tennis

Vida Tennis