5 week online tennis fitness program

We have extended this program for a 6th week starting the 14th September until the 19th.

Looking to improve your fitness for tennis during lockdown? Join our 5-week online program

Over the next 5 weeks Vida, led by industry-leading tennis S&C coach Jo Karaitiana, is offering Tennis specific Fitness sessions for you to do at home. These 40-minute sessions will be held over zoom three times per week and give you the opportunity to develop and build your fitness, strength and conditioning from home. All of the sessions are specifically designed with tennis in mind and will set a great foundation for improvement at the end of the lockdown period.

The sessions will also give you an education component on why physical conditioning is so important in your game development. During this period it is also very important to keep active and healthy while maintaining structure in your week. You will also see you Vida Tennis coaches on the call helping out and checking in to see how you are going.

The focus of the sessions: 

  • Understanding general and tennis-specific movement patterns
  • Engaging the stretch-shortening cycle for power production (plyometrics)
  • Body awareness and technique proficiency in the fundamental movements of squat, hinge, push, pull, jump and land
  • Introducing players to different types of fitness/health disciplines such as meditation, yoga, pilates
  • Learning appropriate prehab exercises and technique to help prevent injuries and strengthen the muscles we use most in tennis

The sessions will be broken up into 2 Groups;

  • Junior Development: For players aged 10-14 years old who are being introduced to a fitness plan for the first time
  • Junior Performance: For players aged 12-18 years old who have actively been working on their fitness, movement, and strength for at least a year
  • Scaling sessions: Workouts will be scaled to match each individual by offering easier and harder progressions for each exercise/activity to make sure that it is challenging for each athlete based on their physical capabilities. It is more important that athletes learn the correct technique of each exercise before trying to increase the difficulty


  • When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Start Date: Monday, August 10th and continuing for 5 weeks
  • Times: Junior Development 3.30pm-4.10pm
    Junior Performance 4.20pm-5.00pm
  • What you’ll need (ideally but not essential): Tennis racquet, Therabands, Yoga Mat (soft surface) Ideally you will need a space 3m x 3m but you can complete the sessions in a smaller area
  • Cost: $150 for 5 weeks – this includes all 3 weekly sessions
    Join the extended week starting Monday the 14th for $30
    Note: If you need to opt-out at any stage, you will receive a refund for the weeks not started.
  • Missed the start date: You can start any time
  • How do I get access? You will be emailed all the Zoom meeting details and all other details prior to the start of the sessions
  • Questions? Please email [email protected]

About our Trainer – Jo Karaitiana

  • Director of Tennis at Box Hill SSC and Tennis Australia 12-14 girls Development Coach
  • Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach
  • Level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Masters in Strength and Conditioning: Exercise and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University (currently undergoing)
  • Check out 2 of Jo’s at Sessions from our Practice from Home Page below on change of direction and Bodyweight Exercises

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