The Vida Community

Vida prides itself on its partnerships and relationships created within the Vida community. We have a diverse range of partners and preferred professional providers to create a holistic network for all in our environment.

We are proud to create long term relationships with quality related business, service providers and partners. These are listed below;

Vida Mind

Dr Damien Lafont is a Mental Coach with Vida Mind. He aims to develop the mental skills that players need in order to perform at their best.

Vida Mind is committed to each individual and is dedicated to producing well-rounded athletes as well as well-rounded person, thus creating life opportunity for the individual. “the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great”. Vida Mind believes that creating the correct environment for the individual is paramount to the development of the player. Maintaining balance in and out of training is also essential to keep the players’ minds stimulated, alert and active.

Each athlete has different needs and requirements, therefore the best mental skills training program for an athlete will differ from person to person, but the underlying rationale is that they can continue to improve and develop their mental skills in a holistic manner.

Teach what’s essential, encourage what’s natural, allow for the individual

Below are the primary aspects that Vida Mind focuses on during their sessions:

  • We believe that in elite sport 90% of success is based on mental ability, attitude & environment.
  • We strive to train and teach mental skills during all types of sessions.
  • We encourage all athletes to seek professional assistance, when required, as it can impact greatly on their life and game development.

We invite you to contact Vida Mind to arrange a suitable time for a 30minute free info and assessment session!


Vida Footy

Vida Footy has taken on the philosophies and values of Vida Tennis. Vida Footy offers a range of services and programs for the AFL industry including group lessons, private kicking lessons, coach education, club education and online engagement. Vida Footy is a unique and new way to view footy as this program is delivered year round to help develop players to their full potential.

The program is lead by AFL accredited coach Vince Dattoli and AFL great Anthony Rocca.

We offer lessons and programs all year just like tennis so contact the team to arrange a free intro.

[email protected]

Vida Fitness

Vida Fitness operates from the Veneto Club in Bulleen and is focused on fitness for all ages and levels through boxing related activities. Click on the following link to view all the details:


Joma Sport

Joma Sport is the official clothing and apparel supplier for Vida Tennis. Joma, a Spanish brand, has strong alignments to the values and professionalism of Vida, the Spanish word for life.

Joma Sport began in 1965, when its founder, Fructuoso López, was only 18 years old. At that time, its only facility being his house and his only tools being his hands. More than 40 years ago, when no one invested in technology, he tested the leather´s strength, the proper last fit and the outsole resistance.

Since childhood, he liked sports because they represented perseverance and sacrifice. He soon realised that this was best represented by the image of sportspeople and begun to supply the best soccer players and athletes: Martín Vázquez, Butragueño, Alfonso Pérez, Morientes, Kiko, Antonio Serrano, Fermin Cacho, etc. and teams such as Betis, Deportivo de la Coruña, Rayo Vallecano, Sevilla (UEFA Champion in 2007 and 2008 –and now Getafe and Valencia F.C., Kanute, Pepe Reina (World Champion 2010 with the Spanish National Soccer Team. Feliciano Lopez (Davis Cup Champion 2004, 2008 and 2009). Juan Carlos Ferrero, (No. 1 in ATP ranking in 2003),  the Spanish National Athletics Team plus countless players all over the world have been, and still are, the face of Joma Sport during its more than 40 years of existence.

It was not always easy, but a true businessperson must anticipate events and trends given that looking towards the future is one of the main pillars of this evolution. Thus, in 1984, Fructuoso made the decision to travel outside of Spain and exhibit in International Fairs, starting in Germany. Next the Company established itself in Mexico, and from there it expanded to the Latin markets where Joma Sport is present today in all countries.

Then Joma Sport opened its offices in USA, Europe and Asia and is currently present in over 70 countries throughout the world. This decision was fundamental to Joma Sport being where it is today: the leading Spanish sports brand and in the top ten in the world rankings.

Quantum Leisure

Quantum Leisure and Vida Tennis have had a partnership since day one of Vida’s existence. The team at Quantum continue to supply the Vida Team with equipment from Volkl, Tretorn, Lobster and other sporting brands.

Quantum Leisure is a specialist wholesale tennis product supplier. They are committed to providing only the best brands with the best range of products from around the world to their customers. Quantum have been supplying products to the Australian Tennis market since 1989.



Technika have been proud sponsors of Vida Tennis for more than 10 years. Technika produces high quality, stylish and modern European appliances at affordable prices. Australian owned. European Designed.

Our lifestyles are constantly evolving. In turn, our requirements will always change. Over the years, Technika has led the way, consistently innovating to reflect developing tastes and needs in the kitchen. As palates have become inspired by fusion cuisine, so too has Technika become inspired with their new range, with each product a fusion of state-of-the-art function and contemporary design. Cutting-edge style ensures your kitchen looks professional yet comfortable while superior quality can be found in our exacting safety standards and a national service network. That's why so many leading architects, builders and retailers turn to us, because like our customers, they want the latest and very best.

Technika innovates to inspire. Bringing tomorrow's technology to your kitchen, today.


Groove Train

Every Groove Train experience is unique yet familiar. With all restaurants housing the relaxing, contemporary atmosphere created by the clever colour scheme and funky decor, you can be sure to sink into your chair and unwind , while the friendly Groove Train staff tend to your needs. The diverse Groove Train menu is designed to tempt every taste while the house specials make visible the true brilliance of every chef. All meals offered are guaranteed to be deliciously satisfying, assuring that every choice is the right choice. Ending in traditional Groove Train style, contentment reaches its peak after indulging in a perfectly brewed coffee and slice of scrumptious cake from the enticing selection.



Diadora is the ball supplier to Vida Tennis for coaching services. Diadora is a leading Italian sports brand founded in 1948. At that time, Diadora was a craft laboratory, producing the best mountain and work boots available on the market.
In the 60’s, Diadora ventured into sport, gaining great success due to its high quality and advanced solutions. In the 70’s, as professional sport took off, Diadora became entrenched in the performance of elite athletes. Athletes such as Roberta Bottega, Marco Van Basten, Roberto Baggio, Zico, Bjorn Borg and George Weah all wore Diadora. Today, Diadora is endorsed by Champions such as Francesco Totti (AS Roma, Italy, 07 European Boot Award), Filippo Inzaghi & Damiano Cuneo. Ayrton Senna was also a prized Diadora athlete.

Diadora has always emphasized the technical aspect of product development, working in conjunction with its athletes, to create the ultimate in contemporary design and comfort.
Collaborating with some of the greatest names in global sport, led to the establishment of the DRC, Diadora Research Centre, boasting a highly innovative work team: shoe experts, experts from the Bio-engineering Centre in Milan, as well as polytechnic and orthopedic specialists.

Today, Diadora’s core sports are tennis, football, running and cycling, but they remain true to their Italian style and heritage through our top end d.lux and heritage collections – both of which are characterized by superb quality, attention to detail and innovative materials.


Professional Partners

Damian Prasad - Fitness specialist
Damian is a qualified Myotherapist and also has a masters in Sports Exercise Science. He has worked on the ATP and WTA Tours with players such as Ana Ivanovic, Thiemo De Bakker, Nicholas Kiefer and many more. Damian was also head fitness trainer at the AIS Tennis Program. If you would like to get in contact with Damien please email us and we can connect you with him.

Dr Matt Bonadio - Chiropractor
Matt Graduated from RMIT university in 2003 and since has been working extensively in Sports and Rehabilitation. Matt has experience with all ages and has gained further accreditation in Chiropractic Sports Science. He also has a Masters Of Exercise Science and has an extensive knowledge of all sports related matters. Matt has 5 years experience dealing with all injuries both spinal and peripheral. Matt is the owner of the business and is dedicated to improving the health and function of the body to reduce disease and risk of injury. Matt also has worked with Paediatrics to improve growth and development. Please visit his website for more information - http://sportsfamilychiro.com.au/

St Kilda Road Sports and Physiotherapy Centre
Is a sports medicine focused practice offering sports physiotherapy, remedial massage, podiatry, and dietitian. Through our current and previous associations with elite tennis, including Tennis Australia High Performance Academy, the Australian Open, ATP/WTA touring professionals (including Lleyton Hewitt, Maria Sharapova, and Rafael Nadal), and Davis Cup, our staff are committed to providing the same level of care to the Vida Community as we do the elite athlete.

Through research based practice, continuing education and close association with medical specialists the team at St Kilda Road Sports and Physiotherapy Centre has gained an in-depth understanding of the demands required of specific work and sports related complaints. Our practitioners work together and strive to enable each individual to return to their chosen level of activity as soon as possible. We will ensure accurate assessment and diagnosis of the cause of your problem and provide a specific and targeted management plan. Each consultation is a minimum of 30 minutes in duration and is one-on-one with the clinician. All Vida members will receive 10% off our services as part of our VIP Clubs program. www.skrphysio.com.au (03) 9869 2030.

Mark Waters - Fitness & Tennis Movement Specialist
Mark is a movement specialist, fitness coach and accredited exercise physiologist. He has worked one on one with the modern legends of Australian tennis, the likes of Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt and the Woodies.
If you would like to get in contact with Mark please email us and we can connect you with him.

Glenn Bowen - Myotherapy
Mind Body Myotherapy is owned and operated by one of the most experienced and gifted myotherapists in Australia.
Glenn Bowen has 20 years practical experience as a Myotherapist and has worked with the North Melbourne Football Club, lectured in Myotherapy for 11 years and treated professional international tennis players and Olympic athletes. Glenn has a unique ability to uncover the source of his client’s symptoms. As a visually impaired Myotherapist, Glenn has developed increased sensory perception that allows him to have a greater sense of touch. Glenn has a greater sense of the tensions and strain within client’s bodies.
For more information please visit Glenn’s website http://mindbodymyotherapy.com.au/

Acacia Health - Pilates, Chiropractor, Nutrition and PT
If you’re looking for the best Melbourne Pilates studio, Chiropractor and Low Carb High Fat Dietitians, we have what you’re looking for.
Pilates at Acacia Health is the perfect blend of the Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates intertwined with modern up-to-date sports science.Our Pilates is challenging yet achievable and we keep it light hearted and fun.

All Chiropractic appointments are 30-minutes allowing for thorough assessment, discussion and treatment. At Acacia Health we celebrate our unique treatment model, which takes into account all aspects of postural health. Treatments incorporate traditional chiropractic adjustments and manipulations as well as addressing your soft tissue structures through massage therapy techniques. With access to a strong professional referral network you can be rest assured that you will have each and every one of your needs met on an individulised basis.

Our small Group PT sessions are designed to get you maximum results with minimal time commitment. Join in the fun and learn about the type and style of exercise that will help you get leaner, fitter and stronger quickly and effectively.
Our community at Acacia Health has been built over many years on a foundation of passion and professionalism. We offer a supportive, friendly and personal environment that is refreshingly nurturing and relaxing.
We specialise in assisting you to live a healthier, more energetic, happier life by teaching you to integrate healthy living into your busy schedule.
For more information visit their website http://acaciahealth.com.au/about-us/

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