ANZ Hotshots Match Play with Vida Tennis


The first step in your child’s competition pathway is playing in the ANZ Hotshots Match Play events! These events are the perfect place to start trying some friendly competition with kids from their own club surrounded by coaches that can help them out.

Vida Tennis ANZ Hotshots Match Play is a Tennis Australia recognized competition. It involves players participating in a fun and social team setting. Vida Tennis ANZ Hotshots Match Play is focused on the Hot Shots kids (red, orange and green ball).

So how does ANZ Hotshots Match Play work?

  • Teams consist of 2 or more players on a modified tennis court depending on whether its a Red, Orange or Green Ball event
  • They can play singles and doubles
  • The events can go for 1-2 hours
  • Cost is dependant on the Venue and time frame of the event at your particular club
  • Lots of prizes

What are the benefits of your child playing?

It is a great opportunity for Hot Shots kids to learn and develop their knowledge of tennis rules and become competent in keeping their own match score as they play. This is a fantastic opportunity that helps to fast-track teamwork skills, general game skills including serving and rallying and develop good sportsmanship skills. Coaches will be monitoring courts and assist players if necessary.

ANZ Match Play events are held at lots of our Vida Venues, see below the contact details and for further information contact your club directly.


  • Operates their Match Play during term 1, term 2 and term 4 of the coaching year. They run for 5 weeks of the term.
  • Term 1 & 4 operates on a Sunday afternoon for both orange and green ball.
  • Mark Peel 0488 098 680, [email protected]


  • Wednesday evening 4:30-5:30pm, program run every week throughout the coaching term.
  • Sean Hosemans 0401 627 753, [email protected]

MCC Glen Iris:

  • Usually between the ages of 7-12.
  • Operates once a term on a Sunday for 2 hours (terms 1,2 and 4)
  • Term 3 operates for 3 weeks
  • Great prizes and giveaways with sausage sizzle
  • Angelo Giampaolo 0407 477 798, [email protected]

Times, Dates and Prices vary from club to club, please go to your clubs page to find all the events each year.

We currently looking at implementing Hot Shots Match Play at Essendon, MCC Kew and Veneto venues so stay tuned as we will keep you posted on updates.

Who to contact for more information?

Essendon: Ashleigh Richardson 0422 240 269 – [email protected]

MCC Kew: Danny Oltvay 0425 791 441 – [email protected]

Veneto: Alex Wrzesinski 0412 551 563 – [email protected]

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