Essendon TC Junior Competition – Week 1 of Finals

Its finals time at the Essendon TC for our Junior Competition teams. After 14 rounds of wonderful tennis, we have 4 remaining teams who are finished in the top 4 to give themselves a chance to contest in finals.

At the beginning of the season, Essendon TC had 10 Junior Competition teams excited and ready to go continue their improvements from last season, many of our teams had moved up quite a lot of grades which is a testament to how well they had played last year.

We congratulate all of our players who did their best and represented the Essendon TC proudly throughout the season. We also want to say a big thank you to our Team managers who work very hard for the team and parents who support our players every week!

The final standings for all our teams are below;

  • A Special combined with Green Gully – 8th
  • The A Grade 2 combined with St Christophers – 2nd
  • A Grade 3 combined with ST John Bosco’s – 4th
  • A Grade 3 combined with Keilor – 5th
  • A Reserve 4 – 1st
  • A Grade 3 Boys – 8th
  • B Grade 3 Boys – 8th
  • C Grade 3 Unisex – 7th
  • C Reserve 1 Unisex – 6th
  • D Special 3 Unisex – 8th
  • D Grade 5 Unisex – 1st

To see all of the results from throughout the season you can click here

Friday Night Teams

The first teams were scheduled for Friday night (14th June), some wet weather meant the teams got washed out, matches will be postponed until the coming Friday. Best of Luck to all players in the A Grade 2, A Grade 3 and A Reserve 4 teams!

Saturday Morning Teams

This left our brand new team in D Grade 5 to play this morning. This young team including Thomas, Olivia, Dustin, Hadi and Xavier had been practising really hard with their Vida Coaches to prepare for their final. They fought really hard and lost a very tough match in the winter rain this morning. We are so proud of their efforts in there first ever season playing competition. Can’t wait to see what they can do next season!

The club will be holding a Presentation Afternoon for all the players and parents involved on Sunday, June 23rd from 2 pm. This will combine with our Junior Club Championships on the same day. If your interested in playing please click here. We hope to see you all come and celebrate our player’s wonderful achievements!

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