Female Tennis Coaches – It’s Your Time

Vida coaches Ashleigh Richardson and Jo Karaitana at a recent Women in Coaching workshop held by Tennis Victoria

This is an opinion piece from Director of Vida Tennis Essendon about Female Tennis Coaches – Ashleigh Richardson

With the huge rise of girls and women in sport with AFLW, Suncorp Super Netball and the #changeourgame in Tennis Coaching, there has never been a better time to join the female tennis coaches movement.

I’m very proud that at Vida Tennis Essendon we have 5 female tennis coaches and we have at least one female tennis coach at each of our Vida Venues. Our goal is to continue to grow this number and have lots of strong female role models for players of all levels across all of our Vida venues.

The current coach membership stats in Australia show that only approximately 30% of our coaches are female.

This number is growing each year for a few reasons:

  • Tennis Australia is increasing investment in female coaching participation, increasing  opportunities for females to start out their coaching career and to further develop into a full-time career coach
    • All Women’s Community Coaching Course
    • Women’s President Scholarships
  • Tennis Victoria Female Networking Opportunities and Workshops
  • Role Models and Mentors –
    • Our Australian Fed Cup Team playing in the Final later this year
    • Professional players like Ash Barty leading the way
    • Local Club Coaches inspiring their female students to get into coaching.
  • Education – Opportunity to grow, develop and become the best coach you can be.

Vida Tennis Coach Margaret and myself. I was helping facilitate at the most recent Women’s Community Coaching Course >>>

What about Male Tennis Coaches?

This is not about undervaluing our male coaches and role models. There are so many different personalities and needs for kids. When a new child walks into our club, I want them to see a group of passionate female and male coaches that can cater to their personal learning needs and who they can look up to.

It’s your time…

“We are a part of a generation where female tennis coaches are valued, appreciated and sought out for in the industry”

I am so grateful for the support that Vida Tennis, Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria have given me, and I want to help advocate this movement I am so passionate about. I believe it is my role to show girls at the tennis club that-

  • there are opportunities in tennis beyond playing the game
  • there is a pathway for them to stay involved in tennis
  • They can create a career in the sport they love

So let’s drive this movement together, give opportunities, help educate, mentor your female coaches, and together we can get that 30% to grow a little more each year. It’s your time to get involved, take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves to female tennis coaches and #changeourgame.

For more information on the above Women’s Community Coaching Course please click here


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