First Season – First Finals for Veneto Club Junior Teams

Big congratulations to our two boys teams who have now made it into their first final in their first season of Eastern Region Junior Competition.

Our section 6 Boys team, Marcello, Jesse, Justin, and Adam, were in a neck and neck semi-final against Nunawading Community last Sunday. After the first 2 sets of the day the boys where only up by 1 game and battling the windiest day of the summer competition thus far. The boys focused well were able to take the rest of the set on the day to win 5 matches to 1.

Section 7 Boys team also had a very close final that saw the boys have most of the sets decided by fewer than 2 games. The boys set the tone early with 2 gutsy matches, Adam in his single going the distance to pull out a 7-5 win. Also, the combination of Ari and Luca won a close match 7-6, where they were 3-0 down at the start of the tiebreaker. Like the section 6 team, the boys took the day winning 5 matches to 1. Representing the team this weekend was Luca, Ari and Adam. With Juliano and Karl coming in off the bench for the final next week.

Both Teams will have their Final on Sunday at their home ground, the Veneto Club starting from 9am.

Thanks to all players in our four junior comp teams at the Veneto Club in the Summer ERT junior competition season. Thanks also to all the parents for their support in getting junior comp teams back up and running at the Veneto Club.

Coach Alex & Ash

Vida Tennis