Hot Shots from Home – Online Tennis Lessons for Kids

We know you love playing tennis, and we love experiencing tennis with you. So let’s keep enjoying and developing your tennis with online coaching. 

Introducing……..Hot Shots From Home - Online Tennis Lessons for kids

The Vida team will deliver a diverse range of fun and engaging lessons through video, live sessions, coach Q&A chats and much more! Whether this is in your backyard, front yard or driveway, you can play along and develop your skills with us.

So let's look at all the questions you are asking!

How do I access the lessons and activities?

Head to our closed Facebook Group.

  • When you arrive at the Closed group you will be asked two questions
    • The second questions is what email address you used to complete the registartion form on this page
    • Please answer with the same email address so we can accept you into the group
  • This group will accessible on your phone or computer via Facebook
  • On entering the group please read the welcome announcement as it will help you navigate all the content, video's, lessons and more.
  • CLICK HERE to access group

What is included in the weekly subscription?

Your weekly membership includes;

  • 3 x 30min lessons - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Extra Activity Videos to practice anytime
  • Live Zoom challenges with players and Vida coaches
  • Live Chat with Vida coaches with Q&A and support
  • Quiz, competitions and other activities
  • All of this at your fingertips via your smartphone, computer or tablet

What equipment does my child need and how much space?

  • All sessions are designed using minimal equipment
  • Sessions will be able to be completed in your driveway, front yard or backyard
  • You will need a racquet and some red balls

What if I don’t have the required equipment?

  • We have partnered with Australia’s number 1 online Tennis Store - Tennis Only to ensure you can get the required equipment, delivered to your door at the best price.
  • Click on the following link to view all the Hot Shots at Home equipment options - Click Here
  • You will be also be sent a 10% discount code for the Tennis Only Hot Shots at Home page which you can use on checkout
  • Limited starter Red Ball packs maybe available from your coach - speak with them for more information

Do I need to get involved with my child?

  • Many activities will be individual based but there will be some partner activities which parents or siblings can join in

How much does it cost?

  • The cost for the weekly subscription is now FREE due to the community grant we have recieved

How do I access the Facebook Closed Group?

  • Go to Facebook - Click Here
  • Answer the member questions 
  • Wait for Vida Tennis to approve your application
  • Enjoy searching through the content and get ready for your lesson.

How do I register?

There is no need to register now. You can head straight to the Facebook page.

Hot Shots at Home - Online Lessons for kids - we can’t wait to see you online!

Vida Tennis