Hot Shots from Home

Your online resource to give your child the opportunity to develop their tennis skills safely from home. We will continue to add more videos of activities for your child to continue to practice from home….You can use small spaces, walls, beanbags, balls and even create your own types of mini nets to continue to play the sport you love.

“Athletic development is based on the development of fundamental movement skills before sport-specific skills”

‘Hot Shots from Home’ will include tennis activities and Fundamental Motor Skills activities too. If you have any great activities you are doing at home please email them through!


Bouncing the Ball with your Hands

There are many Variations that you can do when bouncing a ball that can work on your co-ordination

  1. You can Bounce the ball with your non dominant Hand
  2. Bounce with your non-dominant Hand
  3. Practice bouncing the ball from one hand to the other hand
  4. Mix it up and try to walk around while bouncing the ball, trying walking on a straight line while bounce, or while dodging small obstacles in the way (cones, markers etc)
  5. Stand in one spot and aim for the ball to bounce on a marker as many times as you can

Throwing and Catching

Throwing and Catching is a skill that your child will use for life

  1. Try throwing and catching with 1 or 2 hands
  2. Move around while throwing and catching the ball
  3. Throw the ball in the air and try and clap as many times as you can then catch the ball
  4. You can throw the ball up and then let it bounce before catching
  5. Throw and catch with a parent or sibling
  6. You can also try and juggle 2 balls when your ready!

Bouncing and other variations with a Racquet

There are many different kind of activities you can do with your ball and racquet. Be creative and have fun trying new moves!


  1. On the spot making the ball bounce on a target as many times in a row as you can
  2. Walk around while bouncing the ball
  3. Try and jog while bouncing the ball
  4. You can challenge yourself and do little bounces or High Bounces

More activities….

  1. Hit the ball up lightly and try and control it, you can do it while standing still or walking around
  2. Chops – Turn your racquet to the side and hit the ball down towards the ground. You can also try and do this hitting up on the racquet
  3. Ice Cream – Turn the racquet upside down and try and balance the ball on it. You can use 2 hands or one, move around, hop on one foot maybe even spin around!

‘Cooking Pancakes’

Trying to control a Ball on the racquet can be challenging, try using something like a bean bag to help with this skill at the beginning and then you can try a ball

  1. Walk around carrying the bean bag on the racquet without dropping it – you can move slowly and quickly in your space
  2. Try and lightly flip the beanbag off the racquet and catch again without dropping it – to challenge yourself you can move around while doing it
  3. Trying flipping it super high and still catch it!

Head Start – Balance and Movement

Practice different movement patterns and activities. It is important to be able to balance when performing these activities too

  1. Walking, Jogging, Running, Skipping and Hopping
  2. Side stepping and Cross overs
  3. Add in catching a ball while performing these activities to make more challenging
  4. You could make an obstacle course with different movements and activites

Head Start – Throwing

Throwing is a skill we use for a lot of different sports. You can practice under-arm throws and over-arm throws.

  1. Under arm throws towards targets, with different depths. With a partner they can call the target to aim for
  2. Kids are the coach – players under arm throw the ball towards a partner so they can hit it
  3. Over arm throws
  4. Throw with a partner. You can do different number of bounces or 0

Head Start – Catching

  1. Practice Catching a bigger size ball first, a balloon for something softer or a soccer ball for something heavier
  2. Progress to using a bucket to catch the ball thrown from a partner.
  3. Your partner can call the number of bounces that you have to have before catching the ball – 1, 2 or 3
  4. Add in some more movement side to side or high and low with the throws
  5. Practice throwing and catching with your hands. With 1 or multiple bounces

Head Start – Kicking

Learning to control the ball with your feet. Have fun trying different skills such as

  1. Stopping the ball with your foot and kicking it gently to a target
  2. Controlling the ball through some obstacles

Head Start – Tracking

Practice inside with a balloon!

  1. Keep the balloon off the ground for as many taps in a row as you can
  2. Try and keep 2 or even 3 balloons up at once
  3. Tap with a partner or compete by trying to move it away from a partner

Head Start – Interception

  1. Focus on avoiding balls by moving away from them.
  2. Once you have mastered that you can focus on trying to catch the ball instead.

Head Start – ‘Walking the Dog’

Trying to control the ball along the ground or “walking the dog”

  1. Try to keep the ball/dog as close to the racquet as possible, moving at a pace the child can control
  2. When you want to stop you ‘splat the ball’ to make it stop
  3. Then when ready continue to walk the dog
  4. You can add small obstacles for the dog to walk around
  5. Even time how quickly you can walk the dog without it leaving the racquet through a maze

Head Start – Rolling Rally

Have a Rolling Rally with a partner.

  1. Track the ball and ‘Splat’ it. By stopping the ball you can then turn side on and push it back to your partner
  2. Both players can ‘Splat’ and push the ball co-cooperatively for as many shots as possible
  3. Add a target in the rally to aim for
  4. Make it competitive by trying to push it past the other player rather than to them

Picking up the Ball

There are many ways to try and pick up the ball without using your hand. This is a fun skill you can practice in a small space and all you will need is a racquet and a ball. Here are 3 variations.

  1. Press the ball against your foot, lift your foot up while still pressing the ball against it gently. Once its up high release the ball up towards the sky then scoop it up
  2. Splat the ball down into the ground with your racquet like a high 5. Once it bounces up you can scoop it up. It may need a couple of  splats to get high enough
  3. Start with the ball out in front, try and pull the ball towards you quickly, then push the racquet towards the ball to lift the ball onto the racquet

Drop-Hit Activities with a Partner

You can Practice hitting forehands and backhands on your own, with a sibling or with mum and dad. Make your own mini net at home using some chairs or a line between some trees. If you don’t have any buckets at home you can use a empty pot plant or container

  1. Turn side on – drop the ball and hit up
  2. Your siblings or parents can join in and catch the shot with a bucket
  3. To make more challenging use your hands to catch
  4. Practice drop hitting with your backhand too.
  5. Aim for specific spots on the other side using colour cones. Side to side and short and deep

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