Hot Shots Leagues at Vida Tennis Epping

Our internal Hot Shots League is underway at the Casa D’Abruzzo Tennis Club Epping.

The leagues are aimed for students at the “40” level and above in the My Vida Journey pathway. This program will help to fast track students to be ready for the NEJTA competition played on a Saturday morning. The program links in the competition and coaching pathway Vida has developed and is also great link to the Hot Shot pathway.

It’s a great opportunity for kids to get more time on court as an extra add on from their usual lesson once a week. The students are exposed to a competitive environment for the first time and are
thoroughly enjoying competing and learning from more time on court.

There are very few internal hot shots leagues in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and you do not need to have lessons with Vida to join. So if you are interested please feel free to touch base with our team.

The Hot Shot’s League at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club run’s weekly on a Wednesday afternoon from 5-6:30pm. If you’re interested in joining for term 4, contact the Sean for more details ([email protected])

Vida Tennis