How are tennis players dealing playing without fans?

The enormity of Covid-19 has been difficult for us all. In the tennis world, players go out into their matches having no fans to play in front of. The unusual absence of atmosphere has been felt by all tennis players, including 3-time Grand Slam Champion Andy Murray who describes the experience as “a little bit tricky” in an article written by Tennis365.

Andy speaks about how he has to create his own atmosphere, as he cannot draw energy from the crowds. He misses the “extra boost” they would give him, which allowed him to focus and not drop in concentration.

To watch how Rafael Nadal and several other tennis players feel about the situation with no crowds check out the video below

Like any sporting champion it’s safe to say he is adapting to the situation at hand. How tennis is played without fans seems difficult for some more than others. Whoever is able to draw energy and motivation within themselves will be the players coming out on top in the next few months while there are no crowds involved.

Although there has been a resume of tournaments, not everyone has been on the same page whether they should play with fans or not. At first hesitant, 20-time Grand Slam Champion Rafael Nadal has come around stating that “I will adapt to the situation.” Like Andy, Rafa has had to create his own atmosphere and energy while playing to get him over the line.

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