How do I increase the power on my serve?

The speed of the serve does account for something and can sometimes win you some easy points. However, you need consistency with your first serve before you start adding speed to your serve. A good percentage for first serves is anything above 70 percent. That being said, who doesn’t love the feeling of hitting a huge first serve that doesn’t come back?

We have scanned the internet and have come up with 5 simple tips that you can use the next time you’re on court to increase your serve speed.

Here they are:

1.Ball toss in front

Tossing the ball out in front of your body helps you to move into the court when hitting the serve. By moving into the court when you serve you’re bringing your body weight into the serve. If you’re moving forward when hitting the serve this will increase the speed of your serve.

2. Good Rotation

Good rotation of the shoulders and the waist will give you added power. This allows your whole body to contribute to the power instead of just the brute force of your arm. The uncoiling is key. Be sure to use your legs, shoulders and waist.

3. Hit with Less Spin

Hitting the ball flat creates more pace because you’re hitting it more solid. Hitting with spin puts more friction on the ball and doesn’t allow you to swing straight through with all your power.

4. Swing fast not hard

The goal when trying to increase the power on your serve is to focus on staying loose and allowing your body to do the work. Keeping loose allows your service motion to remain smooth and thus increasing the speed.

5. Breathe

It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference. Similar to the previous point about swinging fast and staying loose, breathing can help relax your body. Remember to take a large inhale breathe when setting up and exhale when exploding up to contact. This allows all your muscles to release the energy and increase your serve power.

No it’s your time to get out there and give it a go.

Happy Hitting

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