How many tennis lessons per week should I have?

There are plenty of options and types of tennis lessons when you join a club, this can make it difficult to try and decide what type of lesson and how many tennis lessons you or your child should do when they start tennis.

So, how many tennis lessons should you have? The answer depends on a few things such as

  • Is tennis your primary sport?
    • Is tennis your primary sport and you have the time to do more lessons? Or are you balancing numerous sports and want tennis to be one of them?
  • What are your goals for playing tennis?
    • If you play because you like the social aspect as well as learning the skills then groups and squads are for you. If you’re wanting to become a more elite player than a balance of privates and squads is recommended.
  • How quickly would you like to see improvement?
    • The more lessons you have per week the quicker you will see improvements

Where to start?

Once your child has decided to start tennis they can start out at 1 lesson a week in a group with kids their own age and level. This is a good introduction to the sport because it is fun and educational.

Whats next?

Once they are loving tennis and interested in learning more or getting into competition then you could progress to 2 lessons a week which will help your child improve their skills quicker too. This could involve doing 2 group lessons a week or getting into a private lesson and 1 group per week.

Benefits of a Private lesson and a group/squad per week

This is a popular option for kids because they get the one on one time of a private lesson which will specifically help your child with more technical aspects of tennis and they get to practice what they have learned in their privates in a squad environment. The squad is more tactical and will help with your child’s competition play.

Any extra time spent on court will go a long way to your child’s development

There is no rule as to how often your child can play tennis. If your child loves playing tennis then the more they are practicing the better it is for their development.

For more information or if you’re unsure of how many lessons you should be getting per week just contact your local Vida Coach. To register for the first time and try Tennis for FREE click the link below.

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