How to select the right Tennis Racquet for your child

How to select your child's Tennis Racquet

There are many different things to consider when buying a kid’s tennis racquet, beginning with size.But how do you know what kid’s tennis racquet size to buy? Do not fret, we have answers to some questions you may have.

How are children’s racquets different?

Children’s tennis racquets are typically aluminium-based, which makes them lighter and easier to use than adult versions. Shorter handles are easier to grip for smaller hands and larger heads (the area with strings) provide a bigger sweet spot that are ideal for beginners learning to play the game.

How do you know what the right size is?

Height is a factor to consider when selecting a racquet for a child. A helpful tip is to place the racquet, with head resting on the ground, beside your child and ask them to reach down and put their hand on the end of the racquet. If they have to bend their arm or cannot reach the racquet, it is a good indication it is not the correct size for them.

Tip – If you see your child holding the racquet at the top of the grip, this may be an indication the racquet is so long or too heavy. 

What are the different racquet sizes?

Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to tennis racquets. Most manufacturers now produce a wide range of children-friendly sizes. Below is a guide for appropriate racquet sizes based on age.

Kids Tennis Racquet Size Chart
Age group Racquet size
Under 4 17-19 inches
Under 6 19-21 inches
Under 9 21-23 inches
Under 12 23-25 inches
Over 12 25-27 inches

Is it better to buy a bigger racquet size so my child grows into it?

It seems a logical plan, especially considering growth spurts are inevitable in children. However, the reality is that it is better for children to use a racquet that is most appropriate for their current size.

This aids their development and boosts self-confidence. The good news is that children’s racquets are significantly cheaper than adult versions, so upsizing racquets in the future does not have extreme costs. Typically, most children’s racquets are priced between $25 – $60.

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Does racquet grip size matter?

Yes. As children have smaller hands, it makes it difficult for them to grip full-sized racquets properly. An advantage of buying a more size-appropriate racquet is that the handle will be smaller and easier for your child to grasp.

Where can I buy children’s tennis racquets?

Vida Tennis coaches are able to help select the right size racquet for your child. Click here to view some options and then speak with your coach. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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