How to tell if your child is progressing?

How to tell if your child is progressing?

Whether you stay and watch your child lessons, or drop them off and go do something else, it is important to know if your child is progressing. Not only as a player but also as a person.

5 ways for parents to know they’re on the right track when it comes to their kid’s sports development & progression:

1. Developing Social skills:

First things first, the purpose of your kid playing sports should be on developing their social skills, not just athletic skills. So with that in mind, they have manners, they say hello, thank you after a lesson, please etc.. These are life skills and a good representation of you as a parent (not how good they are in a sport!).

2. Passion

They are with a coach who has a passion for teaching and sharing the love of the sport. They grow a love for it over time.

3. Enthusiasm

They are excited to be going to practice. They say things like “I want to go to practice”, instead of “I have to go to practice”.

4. Fundamental skills

They are exposed to a variety of games and skills during practices. They are developing their fundamental motor skills and not just their specific sport skills.

5. Effort and attitude

Their coach rewards effort, attitude and a great work ethic. Here again, is a good representation of you as a parent, they understand the importance of hard work and a good attitude. (life skills).

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