Vida Achievements

Here at Vida, we take pride in celebrating people in our community and their achievements. Our vision of creating life opportunities really comes to life when we see our community members achieving their goals. The My Vida Journey Pathway sets out a clear road map for people to achieve their own individual goals. There are many definitions of success and for us, being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

Here are some amazing achievements from individuals from our community. If you have a personal achievement, let us know, we would love to celebrate with you!

Vida Players at US College

The below players transitioned to the US College System on scholarship

  • Emily Fanning
  • Michael Shepheard
  • Jo Karaitiana
  • Chase Ferguson
  • Tayla Stenta
  • Margaret Pridmore
  • Cooper Wyett
  • Justin Raiti
  • Chris Shafic
  • Nick Tuxen
  • Zac Grabovic
  • Ben Teoh
  • Michaela Capannolo
  • Ash Capannolo
  • Taylor Capannolo
  • Eliza Long
  • Stef Skaras
  • Maddie Skaras
  • Nick Stafford
  • James Gardiner
  • Zac Robinson
  • Ted Williams
  • Annabelle Andrinopoulos
  • Sophie Torcello
  • Steffi McDonald
  • Jess McDonald
  • Gabby Kitchingman
  • Julian Kitchingman

Vida Players to Win National Titles

The below players have won a singles or doubles National title during their junior years.

  • Jaimee Fourlis
  • Ashleigh Richardson
  • Andrew Whittington
  • Nick Opasinov
  • Emily Fanning
  • Chase Ferguson
  • Jo Karaitiana
  • Cooper Errey
  • Stefan Sorani
  • Marija Mirkovic
  • Eliza Long
  • Stephanie Whiltshire
  • Kristina Pejkovic
  • David Distefano
  • Scarlett Dattoli

Our Community Achievements

The below individuals & teams have achieved their goals

  • Andrew Baschetta – Bronze Medal – Special Olympics – Read More
  • Luke Percy – Gold Medal – Special Olympics National Games – Read More

Vida Coaching Team

See below some of the Vida coach awards & recognitions

  • 2020 TCAV Club Coach of the Year – Mark Peel
  • 2020 TCAV Rising Star Coach of the Year – Ashleigh Richardson
  • 2018 TCAV Club Coach of the Year – Paul Vassallo
  • 2017 TCAV Club Coach of the Year – Kane Dewhurst
  • Tennis Australia Talent Development Coach Status
    • Kane Dewhurst
    • Vince Dattoli
    • Paul Vassallo
    • Sean Hosemans
    • Mark Peel
  • International Grand Slam Coaches Conference Speaker
    • Kane Dewhurst
    • Ignacio Crescini
    • Paul Vassallo
    • Damien Lafont
  • Tennis Australia Coach Education Facilitators
    • Ashleigh Richardson
    • Kane Dewhurst
    • Paul Vassallo