Hot Shots – My Progress

Hot Shot - My Progress

The Vida My Progress Program enables kids to monitor their progress along their tennis journey. After they have finished the Head Start program and mastering their motor skills, the My Progress program highlights and fast-tracks their development towards playing real tennis.

As the levels develop the child’s knowledge, their ability and confidence grow, enabling them to transition from the cooperative themes to play. Each achievement level comes with a certificate and is closely aligned with the national Hot Shots program.

The My Progress Program is part of the development stream and has eight levels focused on six key development learning areas of tennis:

  • Ground strokes
  • Rally
  • Net play
  • Serve and return
  • Game base
  • Physical development

A structured pathway to ensure your child continually develops

Our tennis lessons are structured to teach and develop the required components of each learning area within their group lessons. As the child moves through each level, they go from cooperate to play theme, ultimately being introduced to real tennis.

The Hot Shots program is incorporated into the journey using red balls for the first four levels and orange balls for the remaining four. It is also linked with the competition opportunities of Hot Shots MatchPlay using both red and orange balls.

All group lessons have lesson plans with activities linked to the stages of learning of the child. These help them achieve the required outcome to move to the next level.

Once the child has achieved the last level in the program (Match), they can continue their journey to the Junior Development Green Ball program.

Red Ball Levels

Orange Ball Levels