Junior Competition

Stage 3 of our Competitions Pathway leads us to Junior Competition!

At each Vida venue the junior players have an opportunity to play competitively with a wide range of grades to suit the needs of everyone. Every Vida venue is zoned to a certain region for competition and the team which they decide to play with will be representing that Vida venue. The competition is a team’s event with usually two doubles and one singles match played (first to 6 games with tie-breaker at 5 all) but can vary depending on the region and division. Teams can be made up of boys, girls or mixed.


Benefits of playing?

  • Great way to enjoy the sport of tennis while making new friends to play with each week.
  • Play matches with friends and understand more of the rules for tennis.
  • Being physically active while improving on your tennis skills, motor skills and movement.


Where is it held?

  • The home games will be played at the Vida venue you have chosen to play for.
  • Away games will be at the opponent’s tennis club within the region.

How long does it run for?

  • Seasons operate at different times depending on your region, its either Term 1 & 2 Season and Term 3 & 4 Season or Term 4 & 1 and Term 2 & 3

How to pick the level or age group?

  • There are Green ball and normal ball level competitions.
  • Players at green ball level must meet the age restrictions which vary from region to region
  • The coach at the Vida venue can help with the level of the competition, but players and teams can move up or down depending on the level.
  • Junior competition is more based on level, not age groups, but all must be 17 years of age and under.

Who Plays?

  • Anyone interested in taking their tennis to the next level.
  • Competing in a team competition to improve their tennis and have fun in doing so.

Cost, days and times:

  • The cost to play competition varies from venue to venue as the process is to pay for a club membership at the venue which you want to play for and then the team must pay for a season (split between players).
  • Junior competition is usually played on weekends Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on the region and level.


  • Western Region Tennis Association (WRTA)
  • Altona club charges $110 for a 6-month membership and 1 season fee is $55 each.
  • Saturday and Sunday competition available with 2-time slots; 8am-10:10am and 10:20am-12:30pm
  • Ages are 18 and under
  • For more information contact Mark Peel 0488 098 680, [email protected] or visit http://www.wrta.net.au/index.html


  • North Eastern Junior Tennis Association (NEJTA)
  • 26 sections in the boys, 13 sections in the girls and 2 mixed sections (beginner level doubles only)
  • Ages are 18 and under
  • Club membership for 12 months is $200 per family and $90 junior with $50 season fee which includes T-shirt, ball money and insurance
  • Competition is played every Saturday morning and have 8 teams (6 boys 2 girls and 1 mixed) enrolled for this upcoming season.
  • For more information please contact Sean Hosemans 0401 627 753, [email protected] or visit https://www.tennis.com.au/nejta/


  • NSJTA is the region for all Essendon competition
  • Play Saturday mornings until they get to A grade and then play Friday night.
  • $120 to be a member for the year and there is a small team fee 
  • Ages 18 years and under
  • For more information please contact Ashleigh Richardson 0422 240 269, [email protected] or visit https://nsjta.teamapp.com/

MCC Glen Iris:

  • WDTA
  • Saturday morning 8:15am start or Sunday 9am start. Rubbers or triples format, rubber for A and B standard, triples for C and D standard.
  • 2 competitions (winter and summer)
  • $100 junior club membership plus $50 season fee
  • Ages 18 and under
  • For more information please contact Angelo Giampaolo 0407 477 798, [email protected] or visit https://www.waverleytennis.asn.au/

MCC Kew:

  • Eastern Region (ERTINC)
  • Sunday morning 9am-12pm
  • $55 for the season including balls and team shirt plus $55 for club membership
  • For more information please contact Danny Oltvay 0425 791 441, [email protected] or visit https://www.ertinc.org.au/ert/


  • Eastern Region (ERTINC)
  • Sunday morning 9am-12pm
  • $55 for the season including balls and team shirt plus $60 for club membership
  • Currently have orange and green ball competition teams
  • For more information please contact Alex Wrzesinski 0412 551 563, [email protected] or visit https://www.ertinc.org.au/ert/

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