Junior Development Series Tournaments (JDS)

You’ve decided it’s time for your child to take the next step in Tennis but unsure of what is next after junior club competition.Junior Development Series (JDS) tournaments are for players who are looking for an opportunity to play a higher standard of tennis outside of junior club competition, and also their first taste of tournament experience. JDS tournaments are set out in a round-robin format and offer no Australian ranking points.

What are the benefits of playing:

  • First taste of a tournament – tournaments are the perfect opportunity to apply what your child’s being taught into a match, and will greatly improve their development into becoming a quality tennis player!
  • A new tennis environment – from signing in at the tournament desk to playing against a new opponent every match, these tournaments are the beginning of your child’s journey beyond junior competition.
  • Make new friends – your opponents can become your next doubles partner, training partner or life-long friend whether you’re a player or a parent.
  • Win trophies! – playing great tennis may make you the winner of the tournament! And represent your success with a trophy!
  • Fun! – tournaments are always a great experience. To make it more enjoyable play doubles with a friend or enter a tournament together and share the experience

How to enter:

  1. You can enter into tournaments online.
  2. Clicking into the link provided below will take you to the Tennis Victoria website with a list of JDS tournaments all around Australia.
  3. You’ll be required to create a profile.
  4. Once completed, use the search tab and add filters to find a tournament.
  5. The age group your child will be able to play is the age shown in the title e.g 11/u can be entered by kids aged 11 or younger, but not if you’re turning 12 that month.
  6. Prices can vary from $25-40 for singles and $10-20 for doubles.



Vida holds a number of JDS events at several VIDA tennis clubs. You can find all the details of these events in the calendar tab under programs. From there, you can find the perfect tournament to enter your child in. Good luck to your child and enjoy the experience!

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