Junior Tournaments & Nationals Events

Junior Tournaments are the start of the competitive tournament system for tennis players involving the use of Australian ranking points. There are 4 different levels to JT Tournaments (lowest to highest); Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Players can enter in singles and doubles events in these tournaments with the majority of time it needing to be in the same age group. The events held are 12/u, 14/u, 16/u and 18/u and they run for 3-5 days depending on how far your child goes in the tournament.It is important you consider which level JT Tournament is the best option for you. Speak with your coach to determine which will give you the best experience and is the most suitable.

What’s different compared to a JDS tournament?

  1. Australian Ranking Points are a ranking system held in Australia. Players who progress through rounds in a JT Tournament will earn ranking points. The more points you have, the higher you will be ranked.
  2. If your child loses early in the tournament, that’s ok! There is a consolation draw, normally for any players who lose in the first two rounds. They will still get quality matchplay and be rewarded for winning that event with ranking points and trophy!
  3. Like JDS Tournaments players receive a trophy for winning!

How do I enter?

First, every player needs a unique profile, this is an 11 digit member ID number. If you have not got one, you can create a profile online while entering your first event.

Clicking the link below will direct you to the tournaments page.

Vida Tennis holds annual JT Tournaments throughout each year in each school term holiday at venues such as Glen Iris, Altona, Essendon, and Swan Hill. Vida also take groups of kids away to JT Tournaments in various locations during the School Holiday periods, this gives kids the opportunity to compete in the tournament but also learn how to travel with a team. Dates vary each year.


Once your child holds a high ranking in their age group across the state/country, they will be able to enter the National Juniors Event. These are the highest level of JT tournaments around Australia (Platinum).

What do you need to know about Nationals Events?

  • There are roughly 2-4 Nationals each year depending on age group.
  • It includes the December Showdown which is held at Melbourne Park just like the Australian Open!
  • You will play singles and doubles.
  • Being the winner of Nationals will make you the best player of your age group in Australia!
  • You will be recognized by Tennis Australia for your achievement.
  • National events have high-performance tennis and professional athletes where they can take tennis to the highest level in their life.

You can find Nationals tournaments in the entry link provided above.

JT Tournaments are a perfect start to your child’s competitive tournament pathway. They will be using ranking points just like on the pro tour. This is a great stepping stone for your child to take their tennis to the next level by competing against the best players in Victoria and Australia. It is also a great social time for kids to meet other like-minded players who they can then practice with, play doubles with and make lifelong friends with. Any child who wants to be a great tennis player should aim to play Nationals since the best players in Australia are doing so!

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