MCC Kew – Junior Comp is underway

Junior competition is back underway with 4 teams representing MCC Kew every week!

Around 20 kids have the opportunity to not only represent MCC Kew, but to work on their tennis skills and build relationships with players from our club.

The benefits of playing competition weekly are important for tennis development, as it gives players the opportunity to practice the things they have learnt in their lessons.

We are coming up to the 3rd week of competition and all of our MCC Kew teams are still undefeated. This is especially exciting as 2 of our teams are new to the competition and are experiencing playing organised tennis matches for the first time.

Good luck to all our teams for the rest of the season!

Next season MCC Kew will look to add at least 1 more team for both boys and girls. This is an important step for MCC Kew in order to build an enjoyable club culture that is inviting to all of our players and parents.

If anyone is interested in playing competition for the club please speak with Danny 0425791441.

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