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The Ash Barty story November 19, 2019 - What a year it has been for Ash Barty, claiming her first Grand Slam Singles title in Paris in June and the WTA Championships in China to finish the year as World number 1. Barty becomes the first female player to finish as number 1 after being outside the top 10 in the previous year! […]
Vida Coach Profile – Jo Karaitiana October 18, 2019 - Let’s get to know the Vida coaches better, here we have our Director of Tennis at Box Hill Secondary College Jo Karaitiana. Jo Karaitiana – Melbourne, Australia Vida Venue – Box Hill Seconday Role – Director of Tennis 1. When did you first pick up a tennis racket? When I was probably around 7 years […]
What can I learn from losing? October 7, 2019 - With another set of school holidays and tournament block in the books, it’s time to reflect on your performance and to look forward towards your next term of training.  I recently came across an article by TennisFitness.com with the title “Every tennis player should read this”. As a tennis coach and player I obviously felt […]
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