Head Start – Level Half

The Head Start – Half level is the second stage of a child’s Vida Journey and is the half way point in the mastering of their Fundamental Perceptual Motor Skills with Vida. This level continues the child’s introduction to tennis through motor skill activities vital to the sport and everyday living.

Below are the areas and specific challenges the child has achieved to receive their second certificate – Head Start Half:

Throwing, Kicking & Striking

  • Understand the difference between under arm and over arm throws.
  • Be able to kick & stop a ball along the ground with both feet.
  • Can splat the ball with their racquet to stop it.

Catch, Interception & Tracking

  • Can catch a ball into a bucket with a varying number of bounces.
  • Can stop the ball getting past them with any part of the body.
  • Can keep the balloon off the ground with and without using hands.

Locomotion, Balance & Agility

  • Can balance on either leg, with & without eyes open.
  • Developing an understanding of lateral movements; side step, cross over, karioka, fast feet.

Cognitive Development

  • Developing an understanding of spatial awareness to other kids & activities.
  • Can communicate opinions & desires.
  • Has developed Auditory Comprehension.

On Certificate Question
Q. Why are balloon activities so beneficial for my child and what do they teach?

A. Balloon activities are a great way to develop many FPMS at one time with endless variations. Kids can start from a very young age and activities can be modified to challenge the child as they grow as start to master their FPMS. Some of the activities that can be done with a balloon and the benefits are as follows:

Throwing / Kicking / Striking

  • Don’t let the balloon hit the ground
  • Don’t let the balloon hit the ground without using your hands
  • Add in a second balloon
  • Use a child’s hand or small bat to strike the balloon

Catch, Interception & Tracking

  • Catch the balloon at different heights and sides of the body
  • A slow moving balloon is a great way to help kids track the balloon above their head
  • Have a run and jump to catch the balloon
  • Play balloon soccer with the child as the goalie
  • Have a volleyball rally with a partner

Locomotion, Balance & Agility

  • Add in a number of balloons and get the child not to let any balloon touch the ground
  • Keep a balloon in the air balancing on one leg
  • Child has to hit the balloon in the air, run and touch a point and return before the balloon hits the ground

Cognitive Development

  • Developing spacial awareness with one or more balloons in the air
  • Problem solving, which balloon to hit and how far when multi balloons are in play
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