Head Start – Three Quarter

The Head Start – Three Quarter level is the third stage of a child’s Vida Journey and is the three quarter point in the mastering of their Fundamental Perceptual Motor Skills with Vida. This level starts to develop the child’s understanding of tennis through motor skill activities vital to the sport and everyday living, particularly tracking and hand eye coordination.

Below are the areas and specific challenges the child has achieved to receive their third certificate – Head Start Three Quarter:

Throwing, Kicking & Striking

  • Can undertake basic hand/eye racquet balance & striking skills.
  • Can over arm throw at a target over the net.
  • Can drop a ball from hand to foot.
  • Can have a rolling tennis rally with ball splat between shots.

Catch, Interception & Tracking

  • Can catch a tennis ball with one bounce with hands.
  • Can juggle two balls (up and down).
  • Can keep two or more balloons in the air at once.

Locomotion, Balance & Agility

  • Able to perform lateral jumping movements, hop on either leg and show dynamic balance.
  • Can perform a variety of ladder exercises with a balanced change of direction.

Cognitive Development

  • Has started to developed visual perception, reaction time, tracking and anticipation (visual).
  • Has developed memory recall and problem-solving skills.
  • Works in a team & group.

On Certificate Question
Q. Why are low compression balls used in our Head Start & my Progress programs?

A. Red, orange and green low-compression balls don’t bounce as high as a yellow ball, making them easier for children to hit. Watch these animations to find out why the red, orange and green balls are perfect for developing players.

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