My Progress Program

Once a child has mastered their FPMS in the Head Start Program they move into the “my Progress” levels. These stages guide the child through their tennis pathway with key milestones along the way.

There are 8 levels in the program with the child having to achieve a task/s in 6 key learning areas of tennis.

  • Ground Strokes
  • Rally
  • Net Play
  • Serve & Return
  • Game Base
  • Physical Development

Tennis lessons are structured to teach the required components of the learning areas within their group lessons. As the child transitions through the levels they go from a co-operate to compete theme and are introduced to real tennis. The hot shots program is incorporated into the journey using the three modified ball colours as a further guide, red ball, orange ball and green ball.

The program is also linked with the competition opportunities of Hot Shots League, both orange and green ball. Click Here for further information.

The Physical Development component of the program is designed to give the child an understanding of body balance, posture, injury prevention and other physical (fitness) components required for tennis and a health sports body. In the last three levels (Game, Set & Match) each child will have their results in 5 key tests recorded to help monitor their improvement and understanding. These test areas are all related to tennis and you can find out specific info by clicking the relevant levels below.

  • 10m Sprint
  • Vertical Jump
  • Vida Agility Test
  • V-Sit
  • Throw Distance (tennis ball)

The Game Base section of learning is about teaching the kids the rules, etiquette, scoring, styles of game, tactical awareness and more. On each level certificate, there is a Question section which encourages the kids to learn some history, education and/or tennis information. The answers and more are located on our website on the below level links.

To view an in-depth overview of the requirements of each level’s 6 key learning areas, and an example of the certificates, click on the below;

Once the child has achieved the last level in the progress program (Match) they are able to follow the program to the Next Steps.

Vida Tennis