My Progress – Match

The Vida “my Progress Program” enables kids to monitor progress along their tennis journey. The aim of the my progress program is to highlight and fast track their development to playing real tennis. As the levels progress the child’s knowledge, ability and confidence grow enabling the transition from the cooperative themes to compete.

Level “Match” Theme & Link to Competition

Level Match activities are within the compete theme using the Hot Shots Green Ball on a full-size court. Children are able to compete in match play within a Hot Shots Green Match Play. They are also transitioning into association club competition, JDS tournaments, and super 10′s. This level again tests the 5 key Vida Physical Tests to compare to previous results and you will find the results on the certificate.

The my Progress Match level is the eighth and final level in the eight stage program and your child has achieved the following in each of the six key learning areas to achieve their certificate;

Ground Strokes

  • Understand the movement patterns on the wide, short and deep ball.
  • Is able to use the different stances depending on the tactical situation.


  • Baseline Rally Position.
  • The players can rally with varying height over the net, depth, speed and spin.
  • The player has an awareness of correct recovery positions.

Net Play

  • Perform a volleys rally with a partner (on baseline) using correct grip.
  • Understand how to lob the player at the net.

Serve & Return

  • Baseline serve position.
  • Start to understand the difference between first & second serves (speeds & spins)

Game Base

  • Develop an awareness of singles & doubles point play tactics

Physical Development

  • Testing: 10m sprint, Vertical Jump, Vida Agility Test, V-Sit Test and Throw distance.

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