My Progress – Set

The Vida “my Progress Program” enables kids to monitor progress along their tennis journey. The aim of the my progress program is to highlight and fast track their development to playing real tennis. As the levels progress the child’s knowledge, ability and confidence grow enabling the transition from the cooperative themes to compete.

Level “Set” Theme & Link to Competition

Level Set activities are within the compete theme using the Hot Shots Green Ball on a full-size court. Children are able to transition into match play within a Hot Shots Green Match Play. This level again tests the 5 key Vida Physical Tests to compare to previous results and you will find the results on the certificate.

The my Progress Set level is the seventh level in the eight stage program and your child has achieved the following in each of the six key learning areas to achieve their certificate;

Ground Strokes

  • Hit attacking balls or use defensive skills as required in a rally.
  • Has developed the ability to hit different spins on FH & BH.


  • Three Quarter court Rally position.
  • Players can control the ball into the cross court or target area in the rally.

Net Play

  • Approach the net at the appropriate time during a rally and volley the ball away from the opponent.
  • Time the correct footwork movement with the contact of the ball.

Serve & Return

  • Be able to place a serve in different locations in the service box (target areas) from the base line.
  • Can do a split step on the return of serve at the correct time and move forward into the return.

Game Base

  • Can identify own game style and strengths & weaknesses.
  • Plays honestly and fairly and shows good sportsmanship

Physical Development

  • Testing: 10m sprint, Vertical Jump, Vida Agility Test, V-Sit Test and Throw distance.

Physical Development

The following are the testing areas during the final three levels of the my Progress Journey.

10m Sprint Test
The purpose of this test is to determine acceleration, maximum running speed and speed power over 10m. The test involves running a single maximum sprint over a 10 meter distance, with time recorded. The individuals best result will be recorded and measured against past results to check progress.

Vertical Jump
This test is designed to measure lower limb explosive power by measuring the height a student is able to jump. This test is very relevant to tennis due to the number of explosive efforts needed to serve, move and recovery around the court.

Vida Agility Test
The Vida agility test is a standard movement tennis conducted on the tennis court using court lines and tennis balls. The student has to start in the middle of the courts and retrieve all the balls one at a time while being timed.

The V-Sit test is designed to test a person’s muscular strength in the core region. The core is one of the most important areas’s in the body for a tennis player as it is home to all the rotation. This area provides balance and support to execute the shot and move with posture and efficiency. The student must hold a V-Sit for a maximum length of time.

Throw Distance
The throwing action is very similar to the serve trophy position and is fundamental in developing a fluent efficient serve. The technique of throwing is taught during sessions and in this test student will measure their throw distance starting from the base line without a run-up.

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