My Vida Journey – Updates to the program

The My Vida journey program has been enabling all kids to monitor their progress from when they start tennis through to playing real tennis, club junior competition or entry level tournaments. Since the programs start more than a decade ago, we have seen over 5000 certificates of achievement go out to kids of all levels. Vida Tennis continues to evaluate, monitor and improve the program, and we have now made our third update to help our players have a great tennis experience and improve the learning platform.

Why do we use the My Vida Journey Program?

The program gives a clear indication and pathway for all kids and their parents. As the structured levels progress so does the child’s skills, confidence & ability, receiving certificates to show their achievements and progressions along the way. All kids who do Hot Shots Lessons or Group lessons are constantly assessed to fast track their game so they can play “real tennis” as soon as possible. Tennis lessons use modified balls & equipment and incorporate the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program.

So what are the changes?

While there have been some slight wording changes across the two areas of the My Vida Journey Program (Head Start & My Progress), the major change in the addition of the “Rally” column in the my Progress section.

The Forehand & Backhand sections have been combined to form “Ground Strokes” and we have added in the Rally section alongside this. The aim of the Rally section is to show kids the pathway and help transition every player into real tennis. Even from the Red Ball 15 Level, kids can start to develop the concept of cooperative rally and gameplay. This is a key concept that continues through the levels as we transition between co-operating to competing.

There has been some movement in skill competencies from level to level. As the program has evolved we have found the development of spin on the ball and some of the serve requirements needed to be placed into different levels.

While there have been no changes to the Physical Development section of the program, we want to place a little more importance in our lessons, to help kids develop efficient movement, mobility and body balance for tennis and everyday life.

The Head Start program had also seen a few minor changes, with the rally theme continued with the addition of some skill-based activities in various themes. This motor skill development program is the building blocks of sport, physical activity and child development.

Where Can I see all of the program information?

You can find out all the information on our website on the following pages;


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