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Launching the new Strength & Conditioning for Junior Tennis Players Program January 14, 2020 - Over the past years at Vida, we have been asked numerous times about strength training for junior tennis players. Working with young players, it is important to get the right balance of training on and off the court. Strength is the key building block for physical development and in turn tennis development eg. Speed, power, […]
Why do tennis players grunt? November 26, 2019 - We all hear it regularly when we’re watching a tennis match; as a player hits the ball it’s often accompanied by a loud grunting noise. Some may also say they hear shrieking or screaming noise. It’s rare to watch a tennis match where both players are silent for the entirety of a match – but […]
How do I avoid tennis elbow? November 5, 2019 - Tennis elbow is a common problem that often affects avid tennis players. Overuse of the elbow, hand and forearm muscles during long matches or extended play can lead to tennis elbow, which affects an area known as lateral epicondylitis.  Let’s hear what Andrew Wynd, an APA Physiotherapist from Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre has to […]
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