Tennis Camps at Vida Venues

Throughout the year Vida Tennis run training camps for various levels of players, Junior Development & Performance. These events are a great way to develop your game in all aspects of tennis, both on and off the court. The camps are held at various Vida locations and are a great opportunity to training with other Vida players from all the various locations.

During the camps players will have the opportunity to work on some of the following;

  • On court themes: Live Ball Patterns of Play, Court positioning, Game Style awareness, Set Plays & Routines, Match Play, Singles & Doubles Tactics, Video Analysis (On & Off Court), Movement Patterns of the Pro’s and more.
  • Off Court Themes: Between point process, Fitness testing benchmarks, Injury Prevention / Pilates / Core Stability, Strength & conditioning overview, Professional players games style analysis, Nutrition, The mental side of tennis and more.

There are special guests and elite sportsmen/women often involved and it’s a great two or three-day experience. All the information and upcoming camps can be found on the events (calendar) tab.

Tournament Camps with Vida

The Vida Team travel with a group of kids from across all Vida Venues 2-3 times per year for Vida Tennis Tournament & Camps. This is an opportunity for players to travel with their friends and coaches to compete in a tournament.

All players involved will learn what it’s like to travel to a tournament with a team; working together and supporting each other while, training, and playing matches. This will be a great learning experience, helping to foster an environment for boys & girls to get the best themselves.

The Vida Tennis Tournament & Camps happen 2-3 times per year and in the past, we have traveled to;

  • Swan Hill Easter JT & AMT
  • Bendigo JT & AMT
  • Bairnsdale JT & AMT
  • Albury JT & AMT

It is always a great opportunity to play on different surfaces as well, with 2 of the tournaments being held on grass courts and 1 on classic clay which isn’t very common in local tournaments. With all of our Camps, we encourage the players to compete in as many events as they can and play doubles with kids in the camp. This helps with building new friendships throughout the team and gives the kids a chance to build a great partnership for future tournaments.

Coaches will travel with the players and have duty of care on these camps. They help educate the players around topics such as

  • Tournament Preparation
  • Hydration and Nutrition
  • Warm-Ups and Stretching
  • Planning for a full day at the venue
  • Match analysis and support

Each camp the kids get an evening where we do some fun activities to such as games night, bowling, the movies, and mini-golf!

Look out for your next opportunity to come to a Vida Tennis Tournament & Camps event at the events page here


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