Throughout the year Vida Tennis run training camps for various levels of players. There events are a great way to develop your game in all aspects of tennis, both on and off the court. The camps are held at various Vida locations and often is a great opportunity to training with other Vida players from all the various locations.

During the camps players will have the opportunity to work on some of the following;
On court themes: Live Ball Patterns of Play, Court positioning, Game Style awareness, Set Plays & Routines, Match Play, Singles & Doubles Tactics, Video Analysis (On & Off Court), Movement Patterns of the Pro’s and more.

Off Court Themes: Between point process, Fitness testing benchmarks, Injury Prevention / Pilates / Core Stability, Strength & conditioning overview, Professional players games style analysis, Nutrition, The mental side of tennis and more.

There are special guests and elite sportsmen/women often involved and its a great two or three day experience.

You can also select the “camps” field on the calendar and see all the events at all Vida venues per month.

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