Entering a tennis tournament for the first time can be a little confusing. The information below is a guide to help you navigate the Tennis Pathways of tournament play. These are:

  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play
  • Junior Development Series Tournaments
  • Junior Tournament
  • ITF junior and National Junior Championships
  • Australian Money Tournaments

Vida Tennis runs, managed and hosts a number of tournament events at our various locations. Click Here to find any upcoming tournaments in your area

Click Here to search for what tournaments are on in your area. Majority of Tournaments are held during the school holiday breaks and long weekends.

There are are many different tennis pathways which range from professional to just getting started. Tennis Australia and their associated state bodies are the governing bodies who oversee and run all tournaments & events in Australia. Below is an overview of each type of tournaments.

Hot Shots Tournaments

Hot Shots tournaments are great tennis pathways for kids to start their tournament pathway. In addition, events are generally round robin and have sections based on age groups that use Orange or Green tennis balls. Vida Tennis hosts a lot of these entry-level match play days at our venues – speak to your head coach for more information on the next event

For details on when the next Hot Shots Tournament is on go to the calendar page under the Programs tab.

General Category Events & Junior Development Series Tournaments

Furthermore, the General Category events are events open to both juniors and seniors. These events are both run as round-robin events so each player participates in many matches. Similarly, the events are a great way to enjoy tournament tennis in a friendly environment.

After that, the Junior Development Series (JDS) is a series of introductory tournaments aimed for beginner to intermediate players aged between 8 and 14 years. These events are round-robin to enable maximum participation & match play. Vida Tennis hosts several of these Tennis Victoria events which can be found in the calendar section. To read more about JDS events please click here.

To view a full list of all events please across Australia, visit here.

Junior Points Tournaments (JT)

Junior Tour tournaments (JT’s) are events that have an Australian ranking attached to a player’s results. In addition, the events are separated into five levels of events – bronze, silver, gold and platinum with platinum the strongest. Moreover, all JT’s in these age groups carry Australian Ranking points depending on the level of tournament sanctioning. In conclusion, entry is open to all juniors subject to the rules and regulations governing each tournament and can be made online here. You can read more about JT Tournaments Here.

Australian Money Tournaments (AMT)

Australia Money Tournaments (AMTs) are positioned just below the ITF Open Pro Tour events. There are four levels of AMTs – bronze (lowest), silver, gold and platinum (highest). The number of Australian Ranking points and prize money available is based on the level of the tournament. Read more about these tournaments here

Pro Tour Events, Davis Cup & Federation Cup and Grand Slam Events

Above all, these tournaments are at the professional level. For instance, Tennis Australia sanctions and runs these events at venues throughout Australia.

How to Enter?

Entering a tournament for the first time can be tough – here is a step by step guide to make entering tournaments easier

  1. To enter tournaments you must be registered with Tennis Victoria through either a tennis club or Tennis Victoria directly and have a current My Tennis ID (an 11 digit number starting with 61).If you are unsure whether or not you are registered, or to find out your My Tennis ID, please contact Customer Support Team [email protected].
  2. You’ll be required to create a profile.
  3. Once completed, use the search tab and add filters to find a tournament.
  4. The age group your child will be able to play is the age shown in the title e.g 11/u can be entered by kids aged 11 or younger, but not if you’re turning 12 that month.
  5. Remember all tournaments have an entry deadline normally 2-3 weeks prior to the tournament beginning. Make sure you prior to this otherwise you will not be allowed to participate
  6. The tournament page gets updated regularly, this is where you will find updates about times, dates and locations of your matches for this whole tournament.

Remember to always chat to your coach at your club before entering your first few tournaments to help guide you to which ones are the most suitable to play.


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