Match Play

Vida Match Play

There are Match Play opportunities for all ages and levels at Vida Tennis, which link to the My Vida Journey pathway.

Competition is not all about winning. It is a process where you practice what you have learned and find confidence on the tennis court. Whether it’s against a friend or someone you don’t know, match play can help you learn many important values that will help you for life. Whether you win or lose, you will always learn something new from the experience.

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Hot Shots Leagues

Hot Shots Match Play

The first step in your child’s match play pathway is playing in the ANZ Hotshots Match Play events. These events are the perfect place to start trying some friendly competition with kids from their own club, surrounded by coaches that can help them out.

Hot Shots Match Play is a fun and social way for kids to get into team tennis and learn about the basics of scoring and gameplay.

All Vida Tennis venues run a number of Hot Shots Match Play, including:

  • Red & Orange Ball Match Play – one-off events on a singles day
  • Red & Orange Ball Leagues – multi-day events played each week for a short season

What is important for all young players at an early age is that they are able to embrace the competition in a positive and safe environment.

Here are some other great reasons to begin competing:

  1. You get to practice what you have learned during your regular tennis lessons.
  2. It is fun and all about making friends and socialising.
  3. It’s a great way to learn the rules and develop strategies and tactics.
  4. It’s a great way to be physically active while improving your tennis, motor, and movement skills.
  5. It helps develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
  6. It teaches the value of effort and working towards your goals.

Junior Development Match Play

There are match play opportunities in two different categories in the Junior Development level:

  • Green Ball – One-off match play days, Leagues, Holiday Program tournaments or Pre-Comp
  • Yellow Ball – One-off match play days, Leagues or Holiday Program tournaments

These events help develop a player’s confidence as they transition from ‘play’ to ‘compete’ and guide them as they transition into club-based association competition.

Junior Performance Match Play

At the junior performance level, players have moved into the ‘compete’ theme of their development.

Match Play is a vital part of a player’s development and is a learning opportunity to put the aspects of their training into action. There are a number of opportunities in the three levels of junior performance:

  • Orange Ball
    • Hot Shots Match Play Performance League
    • Tennis Victoria Super 8’s
  • Green Ball
    • Tennis Victoria Super 10’s
    • Vida Match Play Green Leagues
  • Yellow Ball
    • Vida Performance Match Play Squads – One-off days
    • Vida Performance Match Play Leagues – Multi-week league
    • Fast 4 Leagues
    • Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Match Play events
Hot Shots Leagues

Adult Match Play

Adult match play can be either social or competitive. There are a variety of opportunities available at Vida venues, which are managed in conjunction with our clubs. These include:

  • Social Night Tennis
  • Fast 4 Adult League
  • Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Match Play events
  • Coaching Match Play groups
Hot Shots Leagues