Super 10’s Competition

This event sees some of the highest level players throughout Victoria get to train together, play in a team together and compete with each other, making it one of the best 6 -8-week experiences possible.  Through fair play, teamwork, and acknowledgment, Super 10s will bring the best tennis out of your child.We recommend talking to your head coach about whether you think your child could be ready for this level event.The first week of Super 10’s will see your child practice with a large group of other kids wanting to get into a team, they will do some drills and Point play while the Super 10’s coaches help coach them. If they are lucky enough to get selected they get placed into a team of 4 players and given a Mentor Coach.

How the matchplay works:

  • Its played on a Sunday morning or afternoon depending on the gender.
  • Super 10s is made up of four boys teams and four girls teams each with 4 players in it.
  • There will be a list of reserves as well in case a fill-in is needed.
  • Each player will play one singles match and one doubles match timed for 50 minutes.
  • As mentioned before players will use green dot tennis balls to aid in player development. Each team has a coach to guide them through tactics, competitiveness, sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Special awards are given out to players who show responsibility and qualities that make a great tennis player!

There are also clinics run for parents on how to aid your child through their playing experience.

How to enter:

  1. Each state has a representative in charge of the competition being held there. Below is a link including the different states and who to contact.
  2. Your child may be required to attend a challenge day located near you to be accepted into Super 10s. All fees, dates and times are listed.
  3. It will mention also key components they are looking for from your child, which you can take up with your private coach.

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Vida coaches have been a part of this Super 10’s event in the past too, MCC Kew Coach Danny has been a Mentor coach this year with some of his very own players and in 2016 Essendon Coach Ashleigh Richardson was a Mentor coach throughout the year and then nominated the Victorian National Super 10’s Coach too.

Super 10s is an amazing opportunity for any young tennis player looking for lots of fun in a team environment with special awards given out, but also a competitive nature where you will be rewarded as the champions for winning Super 10s!

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