Tennis Lessons for Adults

Vida Tennis provides plenty of opportunities for adults to either begin playing tennis or improve their current tennis ability through our adults programs. Tennis is a sport that can be played at any age and we encourage adults to play tennis as it can be a wonderful activity for the family to do together or for you and some friends to get together and catch up while doing physical activity.

Vida Tennis provides these types of tennis lessons for adults

  • Cardio Tennis Programs
    • This program is for adults who want to get a lot of fitness from there tennis lessons. A high energy 60minute lesson that will get you sweating!
  • Ladies Classes Beginners to Intermediate
    • Beginner 60 minute lessons for ladies who want to learn a new skill, learn the basic techniques and do some fitness. Or if your already playing at a higher level you can do lessons which will improve your technique but also teach you the tactics of tennis to bring to you social competitions
  • Adults lessons
    • Men and women welcome to this 60 minute lesson that combines technique, tactical and fitness all in one

You can try by yourself in a group or you can get some friends together and learn together. All you need is a drink bottle and runners, your club coach will provide you with a racquet to try if you need.

Contact your local head coach for more information or to register for your free introduction lesson click the link below

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