Tennis Lessons Mount Waverly

Looking for Tennis Lessons in Mount Waverly?

At Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris we welcome you to try tennis in a friendly and fun environment, with experienced coaches who want to make a difference to your tennis no matter what your goals. Programs you can enroll in at Vida Tennis MCC Glen Iris are:

  • Vida Tennis Head Start Program –

    This program is designed to develop and master fundamental perceptual motor skills, the building blocks of sport, physical activity and child development. This includes –

    • Throwing, Kicking & Striking
    • Catch, Interception & Tracking
    • Locomotion, Balance & Agility
    • Cognitive Development

Try a free intro lesson in our Head Start program, aimed at kids from the age of 3 – 5 years of age and are run with a                           maximum of 4 kids per one coach and go for 30-45 minutes.

  • My Vida Journey –

    If your child has completed or coaches recognize they already have the skills required they move to the ‘My Progress’ Levels. These stages guide the child through their tennis pathway with key milestones along the way. These milestones are related to

    • Competition Play / Game Base
    • Theme and coloured ball progressions
    • Forehand, Backhand, Net Play, Serve & Return
    • Physical Development
    • Understanding the rules and scoring of the game

Try a free intro lesson in our My Progress program, aimed at kids of all ages depending on when they begin their tennis                    journey and are run with a maximum of 4 kids per one coach and go for 45-60 minutes

  • Squad lessons –

    For those kids that are interested in starting or already playing competition. Squads go for a duration of 90-120minutes and involve technical, tactical, competition and fitness components.

  • Private Lessons –

    Private Lessons are for those who would like to fast track their learning with 1 on 1 lesson with a coach. These can go for a duration of 30, 45 or 60minutes.

  • Adult Groups –

    Classes that give you the opportunity to either get back into tennis or improve your skills even more with other adults. These classes go for 60 minutes and start with beginner classes to intermediate levels who are or want to get involved in competition

With all of our programs, we offer a FREE introduction lesson so you can come and see the energetic environment and meet your coach.

To organize this lesson contact Angelo on 0407 477 798 or [email protected] to get involved at Vida Tennis Lessons Mount Waverly

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