Tennis Pathways – Tournaments

Entering a tennis tournament in Australia can be a little confusion for non-tennis families. The information below is a guide to help you navigate the Tennis Pathways of tournament play. Tournaments are divided into several different categories of events:

  • ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments
  • Junior Development Series tournaments
  • Junior Tournament
  • ITF junior and National Junior Championships
  • Australian Money Tournaments

Vida Tennis runs, managed and hosts a number of tournament events at our various locations. Click Here to View all the 2017 & 2018 events

Click the below links to view the Tennis Victoria Tournament calendars

There are are many different types of events which range from professional to just getting started. Tennis Australia and their associated state bodies are the governing bodies who oversee and run all tournaments & events in Australia. Below is an overview of each type of tournaments.

Hot Shots Tournaments

Hot Shots tournaments are a great way for kids to start their tournament pathway. Events are generally round robin and have sections based on age groups that use Orange or Green tennis balls. Orange ball tournaments use a modified court size and net height, while green ball events use a normal size court.

For more information about Hot Shots check out Tennis Australia’s website here.

General Category Events & Junior Development Series Tournaments

General Category events are events open to both juniors and seniors and more often than not, run as round-robin events so each player participates in many matches. The events are a great way to enjoy tournament tennis in a friendly environment.

The Junior Development Series (JDS) is a series of introductory tournaments aimed for beginner to intermediate players aged 11&U, 13&U and 15&U across the state and regions of Australia. Vida Tennis hosts several of these Tennis Victoria events. The JDS tournaments do not offer Australian Ranking points and are played in a round-robin format to maintain a development focus.

To view a full list of all events please across Australia, visit here.

Junior Points Tournaments (JT)

Junior Tour tournaments (JT’s) are events that have an Australian ranking attached to a player’s results. The events are separated into five levels of events – bronze, silver, gold and platinum with platinum the strongest. Across Australia JT’s are conducted for players (boys and girls) in age groups 16/U, 14/U and 12/U. All JT’s in these age groups carry Australian Ranking points depending on the level of tournament sanctioning. Entry is open to all juniors subject to the rules and regulations governing each tournament and can be made online here.

Australian Money Tournaments (AMT)

Australia Money Tournament (AMTs) events are positioned just below the ITF Open Pro Tour events and have five levels – white, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The number of Australian Ranking points and prize money available is based on the level of the tournament. These events are open to any player over the age of 13 years.

Pro Tour Events, Davis Cup & Federation Cup and Grand Slam Events

These tournaments are at the professional level. Tennis Australia sanctions and runs these events at venues throughout Australia. Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club has been selected in the past to run both Pro Tour Events and a Federation Cup Tie.

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