Tennis Technique App

The Tennis Australia Technique App is a must have on every coach at Vida Tennis’s phone or iPad. So why do we use it and how it helps the kids?

The app allows the coach to record the player’s shot in HD and then instantly analyze that shot during the lesson. Having the options to watch footage in slow motion, fast forward and rewind gives the coaches an exact look at every movement the player is making throughout their stroke. This tool allows the coach to show the player visual feedback of what their shot looks like, what changes are required and make comparisons to other or past footage. Players more often that not learn faster through visual feedback rather than just verbally. The coaches can then also email the video to any other Vida coach for further feedback or if player is working with multiple coaches this can help keep the message the same from everyone.

What does the app do? The app features a number of useful tools for the coach including:

  • Record the player’s strokes in HD and compare our players to reference strokes using side by side and/or overlay or footage (set a synchronization point for comparison too)
  • Analyse your players strokes – using the annotation tools to highlight your analysis. Draw lines, measure angles, insert text and shapes, record voice over and take screen shots
  • Time Delay – Use this function in your sessions to delay the action by 5–30 secs so players can view themselves and get immediate feedback
  • Learn mode – model strokes for all stages (Red, Orange, Green and Yellow level) for all strokes in video and images
  • Manage your files – rename, trim, split, delete, save to the cloud and the camera roll
  • Communicate – your analysis via email, Youtube, DropBox and Camera Roll
  • Speedometer – measure the speed of your players shots

For kids making changes to their technique this app makes the process a lot easier for them making the app an essential for all tennis coaches at Vida Tennis.


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