Terms and Conditions


By signing and/or accepting these terms and conditions, I hereby authorise the staff of Vida to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release Vida from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs, incurred while undertaking a program or event with Vida. I agree with Vida’s makeup, cancellation, fee, weather, covid & vaccination, parental involvement, and privacy policy.

Make-Up & Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session due to illness or school camp etc. you must notify your coach prior to your lesson in order to arrange a make-up lesson. Lessons will only be made up if your Vida coach is notified with sufficient time prior to the start of your lesson (preferred 24 hours prior). Notification of absence or arrangement of a make-up can be made directly with your coach.

Please be considerate that the late cancellation of sessions leads to inefficient time use for our team & therefore lost opportunities for others. This policy is to deter people from preventing those clients who are seeking a coaching session, missing an opportunity to see one of the coaches.

All missed sessions will be made up during the term or in the school holiday period. If this cannot be done a credit can be discussed with your coach for the following term.

COVID & Vaccination Policy

Vida appreciates and recognizes the seriousness of COVID-19 and its impact on all our lives. Tennis naturally lends itself to be a COVID safe sport; being played outdoors, distance between participants with minimal, if any sharing of equipment.

Our coaches and facilities have put in place a COVID safe plan which includes; QR Code check-in, hand sanitizer available, masks when/where required, small group sizes, gates to be left ajar where possible, indoor areas to remain shut except for emergencies, and a direction to stay home if a coach or participant is feeling unwell. These control measures help to address risks for all participants.

Vida, at all times, strives to be a safe and inclusive environment for all our employees and participants. We respect the views and personal choices of each person.

As of 22/10/2021, the Stage Government states: If a tennis club is open and used for community sport only, patrons participating or facilitating community sport (e.g. players, coaches, volunteers) do not need to be fully vaccinated to access the facility. Facilities providing goods and services additional to community sport will need to follow the Directions relevant to their operations.

As of 8/10/2021, the State Government and Chief Medical Officer has mandated our industry to have their first dose by the 15th of October (or a booked appointment by the 22nd Oct) and 2nd by the 25th of November unless individual exemptions or postponements apply.

As of 28/09/2021, Vida coaches have not been given a direction to be vaccinated as the government has not mandated a specific law for the industry. Based on the above it is also not “reasonable” as assessed in our case under general protections or anti-discrimination laws to do so. Any future updates or changes as directed by the Government or our governing body, we will assess, consider and act on in due course.

All Vida coaches have access to information and are encouraged to speak with their Health Professional about the vaccine so that each individual can make an informed decision of choice.

We will at all times use our best endeavors to monitor the vaccination status of patrons and employees respectively, as per the Government road map, within the bounds of the current laws.

If you or your family would like to discuss the above information, please direct your contact to info@vidatennis.com.au and a Vida representative will contact you. As to avoid any judgment or discomfort, please direct your questions to the above contact rather than a specific coach member.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our small business, we look forward to seeing everyone back on the courts and playing the game we love.

Wet Weather & Heat Policy Communications

Where possible your coach will contact you via phone message or email to let you know if your lesson/s will be canceled due to wet weather or heat policy. If you do not get a call, text, or email, please presume the lesson is going ahead as normal. Vida has a policy for all coaches to avoid the use of Mobile Phones while one court coaching where possible to make sure our attention is directed to the current lesson at all times. If your coach does not answer their phone, they are more than likely on court coaching.

When the temperature reaches 37 degrees and over at your tennis venue, all coaching sessions will be suspended until the temperature drops. Please be aware the temperature will be taken at the individual venue and your safety is our primary concern.

Registration & Fees

In order to secure your place for weekly programs, camps, or other events, Vida requires that you complete a registration form (online or hard copy) in the weeks before the start date and return to us with payment.

All Holiday, Tournament, Camp or Event program fees are due before the start of the program/s. All term fees are due within the first 3 weeks of coaching term. Places will not be guaranteed if forms and payment are not received prior to commencement of the term / program.

Please indicate on your registration form your preferred times and days (for weekly programs) and we will do our best to meet with your request. If you are following on from a previous term please indicated if you require any changes to your current time.

Late Fees

Any late payments, more than 30 days past the invoice date, shall attract a late payment penalty fee as set down by the Penalty Interest Act 1983.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. The data collected from you will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent. The email address you provide may be used to send you information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions.

When joining a tennis program at a participating Vida venue your information will only be used by the tennis club to join you to the club for a free club coaching membership. This will also entitle you to use the courts at the club during coaching and gives you personal accident insurance through our National Sporting Body, Tennis Australia.

When players aged between 3 and 13 years of age join a Vida coaching program, their details will be registered with Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots program to enable to player to receive a free starter gift, exclusive competitions and loads of tennis benefits! All the information can be found on the following link https://hotshots.tennis.com.au/register/

Medical & Liability

I hereby authorise the staff of Vida to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release Vida from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs, incurred while undertaking a program or event with Vida.

Photography & Video Images

I acknowledge that Vida Tennis may film, use video analysis and photography during programs, lessons and events. I acknowledge and agree that this usage, including for marketing & promotion purposes, is without compensation or notice to myself. Images may be used on our website, social media and other promotional material.

Website Privacy Policy

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Parental Involvement

Vida supports Tennis Australia’s stance and efforts in helping educate parents on their important role within the child’s sporting journey. The following are some ideas and education that we would like you, the parent, to be aware of.

Vida encourages all parents to remain off the court during their child’s lesson.  This enables both the coach and student/s to concentrate entirely on the lesson, create independence for the child, promote a child’s decision making skills and build the coach – student relationship.

As a parent / guardian of a participant in any activity held / run by Vida you agree to try and meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any such activity, program or event to the best of your abilities:

  • Treat your child the same irrespective of them winning or losing
  • Remember that your child plays for their enjoyment not yours
  • Try to have fun when you are around your children at competitions and training. Well-directed humour can be a great de-stressor
  • Look relaxed, calm and positive on the sidelines
  • Make friends with other parents at competitions
  • Get involved in appropriate ways if your child or the coach behaves in unacceptable ways during competitions
  • Let the coach do the coaching
  • Understand that children will benefit from a break sometimes and that involvement in other sports is okay
  • Be there when the child performs poorly. Be an understanding listener rather than a critic, judge and/or fixer
  • Be prepared to give your child some space so that he/she can grow and develop as an independent person
  • Let your child know that your love for them is not associated with their sporting performances
  • Communicate with your child and ask them how they are really feeling about their sport and about competing in particular
  • Occasionally let your child compete without you being there and hovering over them
  • Emphasise the good things your child did in preparing for and during the match/tournament
  • Try to avoid:
    • Saying “we’re playing today”. Instead say “you’re playing today”
    • Giving your child credit for accepting the responsibility of performing
    • Getting too pushy or believe that you are indispensable. Let the coach do the coaching
    • Living through your child’s performances
    • Turning away when your child’s behaviour is unsportsmanlike.
    • Telling your child what he/she did wrong after a tough match
    • Making enemies with your child’s opponents or family during a match/tournament
    • Making your child feel guilty by reminding them about all the time, money and sacrifices you are making for his or her sport
    • Thinking of your child’s sporting performances as an investment for which you expect a return
    • Badgering, harassing or using sarcasm to motivate your child
    • Comparing your child’s performances with those of other children
    • Forcing your child to go to training. If they are sick of training find out why and discuss it with them

Changes to Terms & Conditions

If we decide to change our terms & conditions, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the terms & conditions modification date below. If there are any questions regarding this terms & conditions you may contact us using the information on our contact page.

Latest additions

The addition of the Covid & Vaccination Policy. These terms & conditions were last modified October 2021