The importance of passion

The importance of passion has been written by Julian Blainey during his work experience time with Vida Tennis in December 2020. Julian is a student at Box Hill Senior Secondary College and also wrote a piece on his experiences returning to the court after the lockdown period during the year. You can read that article on the following link – click here.

Thank you Julian for taking the time and effort in writing this article, it is great to have you in our tennis community!

The importance of passion

The game we all love can be described in so many different ways. What we don’t stop and think about is what tennis means to us. This social sport is described differently by everyone, for some people it is an interesting and fun game but for others, it is a way of life.

This wonderful community sport has been the foundation for many friendships and good memories and it has also been a safe haven for so many people. Tennis is one of the best sports that the whole family can enjoy, and that is why it is ranked inside the top 10 for most participated in sports in Australia. Vida offers programs for not only all ages but all standards as well, to ensure that the whole family can enjoy the sport we all love.

Vida’s programs range from first-timers learning how to hold a racket, to professional tennis players who are training to be elite. The personal growth both on and off the court that VIDA drives you to achieve is exceptional and is one of the many reasons that it is one of the most highly regarded tennis organisations in Australia.

Although many people are drawn to tennis for various reasons the thing we all have in common is the passion for the game. Vida has allowed the most crucial part of tennis, passion to flourish in all of its players.

Did you know how important passion is?

Passion and fun are two of the most crucial aspects of any sport, especially tennis. These qualities are so important because they motivate you to do your best and grow personally within the tennis community. Vida is not only a competitive environment but a welcoming community that provides a place of belonging for people to enjoy new friendships whilst playing the sport they love.

The reason having fun is the most crucial thing is because it doesn’t matter if you have all the talent in the world or you’re the most uncoordinated person out there, if you are not enjoying yourself you are not achieving anything.

In Tennis, it doesn’t matter if your best or worst because at the end of the day the real winner is the player with the biggest smile on their face and the only thing that separates the winners from the losers is that the winners are willing to give it a try. This is an important lesson that tennis players sometimes forget and it can turn the sport we all love into a job as opposed to a passion.

At Vida, the coaches push you to be the best you can be, along with ensuring that having fun is the top priority no matter what level you are. The Vida coaches are always trying their best to make tennis the fun community experience it is. Within Vida one of the most important of the top five values is passion and fun and it is showcased throughout Vida from the junior red ballers to the competitive comp players. This important lesson of having fun although may sound simple is the most important part of anything you do.

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