The importance of the right ball and court at the right time

The right ball at the right time

by Christoffer Madsen
My experience as a tennis coach in Europe is that all tennis players starting at a young age between 6-12 years old uses the right ball at the right time. In my development of several national champions in my club in Denmark, I found that the work with the low compression balls when the players were at a young age developed them into more complete tennis players. A big advantage they took with them in the age of 13-18 years old when the competed on a national and international level.One of the most important things in developing tennis players is that the players hit the ball at the most optimal strike zone. The best zone for groundstrokes is between the waist and shoulder.Check out the video below which shows the right ball at the right time.

The right court size at the right time

The next important thing is to use the right ball on the right size of court. The court size should be the relevant and realistic size of the player.

Most children aged 10 and under will struggle a lot to cover a full tennis court, meaning rallies are shorter, and the use of advanced tactics is unrealistic.

Realistic footwork patterns are difficult to develop, as children have to use more steps to cover the court, affecting movement styles to the ball and in recovery, this is also affected by a fast and high bouncing ball.

Check out this video, outlining the right court size for each level.

Christoffer Madsen, Head Coach Vida Tennis – Roy Street St.Kilda and Xavier College 1st Tennis Team

Hot Shots Stages

The Hot Shots Stages are integrated into the My Vida Journey programs and are split into three main stages: Red, Orange, and Green

There is also a Launch Pad or Blue stage for young players aged between three and five-years-old. Children progress from one stage to the next when they are ready. This ensures that children learn at their pace and will ultimately make the transition to using a yellow ball on a full-size court when they are fully prepared.

You can read more about the My Vida Journey programs which incorporate the Hot Shots stages by clicking on the Head Start or My Progress tabs on the My Vida Journey navigation above.

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