The Ash Barty story

What a year it has been for Ash Barty, claiming her first Grand Slam Singles title in Paris in June and the WTA Championships in China to finish the year as World number 1.

Barty becomes the first female player to finish as number 1 after being outside the top 10 in the previous year!

Here’s a brilliant story about Ash Barty’s journey back into tennis. Proving that everyone must face their own challenges and that there is no ‘correct’ path to success. It is really interesting that Ash has become such a success considering she felt ‘disillusioned’ with tennis and decided she needed to step away from the sport.

Always be mindful of your own feelings and sometimes a break is necessary to rekindle your passion for the game. Keeping in mind that to fully succeed you must really want to work as hard as you can and there is nothing wrong with taking a break when you feel you can’t give that effort. Sometimes taking a step back can help to rekindle the passion to perform to the best of your ability again.


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