Top 5 Doubles Tips

If you love tennis and you live to play doubles, this post was written for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, I’m sure the tips in this post are going to be a huge boost to your doubles game. Perhaps you play doubles often, but with no clear idea of what you’re doing on the court.

In doubles, teamwork is essential. You and your partner should move together as much as possible, and when returning serve you should be aware of each other’s every move.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the job done.

Hitting the ball through the middle of the court in doubles does quite a few things to hinder your opponent. It creates confusion as to which player will take the ball, it dramatically reduces the angle the opponent has to return the ball and it gives you the highest percentage chance to make the shot.

2. Approach off second serves

Make your opponents uncomfortable by taking their second serves early and attacking the net. Either with slice or topspin and especially with weak servers. You want them to feel the pressure immediately after the serve. It doesn’t mean you have to cream a winner but attacking a large target and coming in rushes your opponent to come up with a pass or lob.


3. Attack the net players feet

Net players who receive high volleys often miss them because they attack small targets. If there is a net player on the other side of the court then you have a target. At their feet! This is fair play and the highest winning percentage for any one shot in doubles.

4. Serve down the “T”

For many doubles players there is a clear distinction over which return is stronger and which return is weaker. If you find that your opponent simply can’t hit their backhand return, then pepper that return. If your opponents are pretty solid on both sides, serve up the “T” to reduce the angle of return and set up the next target.


5. Don’t play offense on defense

Tennis is a game of errors. In fact around 60% of the game of doubles ends in an error. Don’t play offense when you are defending. This means you need to use defensive lobs and  balls low over the net strap when playing defense. Whenever you are reaching, falling, off balance, rushed, jammed, lunging low, reaching high, you are on defense. Don’t be a hero, the odds are not in your favor. Use a defensive lob or roller.


What are you waiting for?

Happy Hitting

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