Veneto Junior Comp – Finals Time ERT

As we approach the end of August we also look at the start of finals for ERT Sunday morning competition.

The Veneto Club will have 4 from 4 teams representing the tennis club in the finals.

It is very exciting to have 2 teams finishing on top and getting a home Grand Final. Congratulations to all the teams for making finals and we wish them all the best for their finals matches.

Open Rubbers 6

Jaymie Skoufis, Alex Napoleone and Jessica Nolan have played this season and finished on top of the ladder with 72.5 points and 192.71%. The girls are playing this Sunday 1st of September, away against Greython Park for the last round of the home and away season. They will play in the Grand Final on the 8th of September at the Veneto CLub as they can not move from top position.

Boy’s Section 1

Juliano Sticca, Karl Schweiger, Adam Scutella and Ari Pilikidis have had a great second half of the year. They have won their last 3 matches to conclude the home and away season and moved up the ladder from 7th to 3rd place. By finishing 3rd on 55 points and 100% they have cemented their spot in the finals and are playing in the Semi-Final away against Deepdene on Sunday 1st of September. If they win this week, they will be playing against the winner of Bulleen Green and Bulleen Blue in the Grand Final on Sunday 8th of September.

Girl’s Section 2

Scarlett Dattoli, Nikki Casauri, Alex Jennings and Mikaela Orlando have their last round of the home and away season this Sunday 1st of September. They will play at home against St. Dominics, and the girls have already finished 2nd on the ladder and can not move with 56 points and 142.50%. They will be playing in the Grand Final for the 3rd consecutive season and will be playing away against East Camberwell on Sunday 8th of September.


The boy’s team is made up of Hayden Teh, Mack Seabrook and Hamish Keenan. The boys have had a fantastic second half of the year winning their last 7 games of the year including one wash out. They finished on top of the ladder on 43.5 points and 158.06%. The Semi-Final is on Sunday 1st of September and are playing at the Veneto Club vs Currawong Blue. If the boys win they will play in the Grand Final on Sunday 8th of September against the winner of St. Marys and Currawong Green.

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