Vida Coach Development

The Vida Education Pathway

At Vida, we are lifelong learners. The Vida coaching journey gives coaches of all levels & experiences the opportunity for continuing education and growth. The pathway starts with coaches looking to get started in the industry and progresses through to our Team Leaders. At all stages, our goal is to grow and share knowledge, have exceptional learning experiences that have an impact on the way we implement tennis at our facilities. There are many facets to our education program which cover all on-court coaching, business development, leadership, communication and more.

Below you will find more information about each stage on the pathway and each Vida coach will have the calendar of sessions made available to them.

The Vida Coach Career Pathway

Growth is important to us, not only in education but in coach career goals & aspirations. Vida Tennis has a pathway for each coach which we tailored to the individuals needs. There are many reasons why people get started in the tennis industry and understanding the "why" is important in getting the best outcome for an individual.

Each coach with Vida generally start as an employee (casual, part time or full time) and there is a progression pathway which is continually assessed. There are several options within the company;

  • Casual employee - hourly rate plus superannuation
  • Casual employee with a bonus program attached
  • Part-time employee (with bonus programs)
  • Full-time employee (with bonus programs)
  • Work to own program
  • Ownership model per venue / center

Coach pay rates are clearly defined in the individual contracts which also highlights the progression process and bonus program roles & responsibilities. There are options to fit most coaches goals and vision. Whether you are a uni student looking for a part-time job or a career coach looking for a long-term plan, the options are there. As a coach progresses through their pathway they have the option to take on more responsibility, such as managing programs, venues or a school. Progressions are only limited to the attitude and desire of the coach with ownership of business units an option for the right people. There are many examples currently in the Vida team where a coach has been part of the "work to own" program and is now an owner of their business unit.

During the “My Coaching Journey” program, participants learn to develop the skills of junior tennis players through the delivery of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program and the linked My Vida Journey program. There is a major focus on communication, engagement, planning, and creating positive learning environments for children. There are a number of touch points at this stage, with the major being a one day workshop.

The workshop will focus on technical and tactical fundamentals, lesson structure & flow, effective communication, personal development, using technology, the tennis industry - what to expect, and how to get started with things like insurance, working with children’s, Tennis Australian trainee membership and superannuation. After the workshop, there will be opportunities to real on-court experience shadowing one of the Vida coaches.

Through the My Coaching Journey stage, Vida also encourages current students to partake in “Work Experience” with us through their school. Vida has a structured program to ensure the student gets the most out of their week with Vida.

The aim of the course and Pre-requisites: To provide participants with a clear pathway to entered the tennis coaching industry and first-hand experience to fast track their coaching. Participants need to be a minimum age of 16 with a tennis or sporting background.

Recommended for: Anyone who wants to pursue coaching, either part time or full time, in the future.

When and where is the next workshop? The next workshop is planned for December 2018. More details will be listed here soon.

The “Team Vida” stage in an internal stage for all coaches within the Vida network. This stage is delivered in three different forms;

  • Group sessions
  • Venue specific sessions
  • Online video sessions

Groups sessions are run a minimum of four times per year, generally at the start of each term. These sessions will have a variety of themes delivered by Vida team leaders or future leaders. There may also be times when an external presenter takes the group. The major focus of these sessions is always the on-court delivery of our programs. The venue for these sessions rotates between different Vida venues.

Venue Specific Sessions are taken by the venue team leader and are for the team who coach at that specific venue. These sessions will be both on and off court and have a major focus on the delivery of the My Vida Journey program.

Online Video Sessions are generally focused on personal or business development and taken by a Vida Team leader. Participants are sent a link to log into the session in a webinar format.

The aim of this stage and Pre-requisites: To provide all coaches in Vida an opportunity to grow their skills & knowledge and ensure best practice is being delivered at all Vida venues. Coaches must work with Vida tennis is participate in these sessions.

When and where is the next session? The Vida education calendar will be shared with all Vida Team members.

The “Vida Future Leaders” stage in an internal stage for coaches within the Vida network who want to pursue tennis as a career. This stage is delivered in a number of forms;

  • A two-day leadership camp off-site
  • Accountability Buddies and mentoring
  • Vision & 90-day action planning & review
  • Opportunities to present back to Team Vida
  • Online Video sessions

Who & What is required? This stage is a small group of coaches who are already in the Vida team. Coaches are required to attend a minimum of four Team Vida sessions and participate in their venue sessions. As well as this there is an expectation to look outside the Vida community for education opportunities and bring knowledge back to the group.

Vida will contribute funds towards education for any coach involved in this stage including Tennis Australia coach accreditation.

Online Video sessions are every three weeks and generally focused on personal or business development and taken by a Vida Team leader. These dates are shared via calendar invite with a video link.

What outcomes are created? The goal of this stage is to give clarity to the coach and fast-track education inline with what is required to achieve the individual's goal. Coaches who transition from this stage will also have work to own or incentive plans aligned with their goals.

When are the sessions? All sessions are listed on Vida’s internal education calendar.

The “Vida Team Leaders” stage is once again an internal stage for coaches within the Vida network who currently lead venues or business units. This stage is delivered in a number of forms

  • Three one day workshops and social opportunities after
  • Accountability Buddies and mentoring
  • Vision & 90-day action planning & review
  • Opportunities to present and develop leadership
  • Online Video sessions
  • External education plans

Internal workshops and external education opportunities are focused on the big picture inline with our values with themes like planning – business & personal, communication, leadership, wealth creation, new ideas, technology and more.

Who & What is required? Every team leader will have their own education plan which may or may not be specific to the tennis industry. Vida strongly encourages having a mentor both from within the Vida network as well as from outside. The requirements and expectations of the coach are that all involved continue to share knowledge & best practice learned to the entire Vida team.

Online Video sessions are every three weeks and generally focused on personal or business development and taken by a Vida Team leader.

When are the sessions? All sessions are listed on Vida’s internal education calendar.

My Coaching Journey - December 2020 Workshop

Are you interested in working in the tennis coaching industry in 2020 and beyond?

The Vida Trainee Coach program will give you an insight into all you need to know to be successful both on and off the court.

At the end of your training you will be able to:

  • Plan, execute and evaluate your own coaching
  • Confidently coach red, orange & green ball group lessons
  • Assist in coaching squad lessons
  • Coach beginner private & semi-private lessons
  • Understand the expectations of a tennis coach
  • Understand the various coaching pathways

As a trainee coach you are required to complete:

  • 5 hours of shadowing a Head coach at your closest Vida venue
  • Shadow a Red, Orange & Green Ball lesson
  • Attend Intro to Coaching workshop
  • 5 hours shadowing/teaching post-workshop
  • Reflect with Heach coach for holiday/term 1 hour

The program is open to all people aged between 16 and 21 who are looking to join the tennis industry. You do not need to have been involved with Vida in the past to join the program. 

The workshop will be taken by Kane Dewhurst and Ashleigh Richardson, both of whom, are facilitators of Tennis Australia coach education courses.

The details:

  • When: To be confirmed
  • Time: 9To be confirmed
  • Where: To be confirmed
  • What to Bring: Tennis racquet, water bottle, Trainee Coach Handbook, and a pen
  • What to Wear: Tennis clothes
  • Cost: Free

Register your interest:

Email Leon  - [email protected] or contact the Head coach at your nearest Vida venue

Once registered you will receive a Trainee Coach Handbook with a checklist of tasks to achieve prior to the workshop.


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