Vida Coach Profile – Ashleigh Richardson

Ashleigh is the Head Coach at Essendon Tennis Club and has been in the Vida family for almost 20 years. Let’s hear more about her very own Vida Journey.

1.When did you first pick up a tennis racket?

As soon as I was able to hold one, I would carry it around the house with me all the time2.Who influenced you to begin playing?
My mum, she used to play a lot and I would always go and watch her and want to join in whenever she had a break between sets. We used to practice together all the time as I was growing up

3.What player did you idolised growing up? Did they influence the way you play?
I used to watch tennis all the time. I used to love Monica Seles,but she was only returning to tennis then so I missed her at her best! This was also when Serena and Venus Williams were coming through too and watching them change the way women’s tennis was played was amazing

4.What person/coach made you love tennis?
Mum was definitely the one who started the passion and got me into tennis and then my coaches Kane and Vince were a really supportive influence that helped keep me loving the game.

5.When did Vida come into your life?
When I was about 10 Vida Tennis including Kane and Vince came to do a clinic at Bendigo Tennis Club where I attended…. Not sure why I’m still here actually

6.What opportunities has tennis/Vida provided for you?
When I was younger they were my tennis coaches and they were my support network. When I finished up school and Tennis I started coaching for them and they have provided opportunities that have helped me become the person I am today, through education, support and friendship

7.How has your time at Vida influenced you as a person?
My time at Vida has been so long, I’ve become a much stronger and driven person through the opportunities that Vida have provided, from simple acts like coach education, and business education to getting me involved in courses that also led to me doing life changing events such as charity bike rides internationally and running events that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do.

8.Why do you love coaching tennis?
I love seeing the journey that the kids in our programs go through, seeing them at 4 years old when they stumble into the courts with a big smile on their face, to them playing their first club competition match with their friends, finishing school and even some of them coaching with me now, which is crazy but so fulfilling!
I love making kids laugh, having fun and educating them to be the best tennis player they can be.

9.How has tennis influenced who you have become?
Tennis and tennis coaching has created so many experiences that have made me grateful for the life we have and made me want to pass as much support and knowledge to the Vida community so they can have a love and enjoyment for the sport like myself

10.Describe Vida in one word?

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