Vida Coach Profile – Danny Oltvay

Let’s get to know Danny Oltvay, the Head Coach at MCC Kew

Danny Oltvay – Melbourne, Australia

Role – Head Coach at MCC Kew

1.When did you first pick up a tennis racket?

I first played tennis when I was 4. My dad was an avid tennis player, and used to take my older sister down to the courts to play. Apparently I was more interested in playing with toy trucks while my sister was hitting, but I ended up getting lessons around the age of 4 and the rest is history!

2.Who influenced you to begin playing?

Definitely my dad. He is a very passionate and keen tennis player and fan. He was quite good when he was young too (probably better than me lets be honest…) and it’s definitely a journey I’ve shared with him from hitting during the week, taking me to comp Saturday mornings or travelling to tournaments. 

3.What player did you idolised growing up? Did they influence the way you play?

I didn’t really have many extreme tennis idols! I liked quite a few players but I never had a player I was completely obsessed with. My favourites were Pete Sampras and Marat Safin. I liked both of their styles and serves!

4.When did Vida come into your life?

I’ve worked with and alongside Vida for the last 3 or 4 years. I was closely associated with some coaches in the Northern Suburbs, and when they started running Vida Epping I had the opportunity to coach with them.

5.What opportunities has tennis/Vida provided for you?

Vida has provided many opportunities for me employment wise, I am lucky enough to be running my own venue at MCC Kew. Vida has also helped me grow as a tennis coach through the many opportunities that are open to our Vida community such as going to business conferences, coaching conferences and workshops and tennis camps and tournaments.

6.Why do you love coaching tennis?

Firstly, I really love tennis and just like my father shared his passion with me, I am now able to share my passion with all the players I coach. I also really enjoy teaching, so tennis coaching is a great avenue that allows me to teach and play tennis! It’s definitely not an ordinary job and it’s what I love about it.

7.How has tennis influenced who you have become?

Tennis, like many other sports, is a fantastic way to teach young players many important lessons such as work ethic, discipline, resilience, the will to win, how to lose, and having fun. Tennis has given me many opportunities, not just with employment, but has taught me many valuable lessons I can transfer to everyday life.

8.Describe Vida in one word?


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